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When will summer prices come out?

Ive been looking at going to the DR for a week or two in July but cant seem to find any prices right now. Does anyone know when they`ll come out?

Most on-line tour companies have prices for this time of year eg. Belair and itravel2000. Also in their tour book those dates are available in Transat Holiday. I went into the two above o-line companies and got quotes for July 2009.

Thanks Stillsdaughter, I`ll try those…I was looking on Tripcentral and Selloff and they are only showing prices up to May.

I had no trouble getting July prices out of Toronto, but Halifax drew a blank. Likely they don’t fly out of there at that time of year.

I couldnt get any Halifax prices on those sites either.... Im sure that I did see deals offered from here in the summer this year though…maybe Ill be flying from TO...I can get air only deals but theyre $1000+, I`m sure I can get an AI for that or close to that…

I know you guys in TO get alot of great deals…the summer prices look pretty high out of there right now…what have your last minute deals for summer been like in the past?

You can get great last minute summer deals out of Toronto …

I wonder if anyone knows of any resorts in the PP area that dont charge the single supplement? Im thinking that Ill be on my own and dont want to pay extra if I don`t have to.

You have to read the fine print! They do advertize packages to the DR out of Atlantic Canada but I don’t think any of them are direct - most go through Toronto. In fact even this time of year most of them out of here go through Toronto. Just one of those things we have to put up with living in the beautiful section of Canada. :wink: Quess they feel it’s so nice here we wouldn’t be travelling elsewhere as much as other parts of Canada.

Sackie, Ive always had direct flights out of Halifax... If they are offered from here then why do none of the sites allow the prices to come up? Everyone Ive been on says only available till April 30 or May7. Its really a pain... By the way I see that youve been to Club Amigo, Varadero. Im going there in April, first time to Cuba, how did you like it? PM me if you dont want to go of topic on here…