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Where are the best beaches in PC?


Can anyone tell me where the best beaches are located in PC? White sand turqoise blue water ect.
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Easy answer to your question, just behind ant resort in PC. IMHO all beaches and water are perfect in your description in PC :sunglasses:


I’ve seen variations in the beaches but all are nice. The Bavaro Beach is protected by a reef so it is very calm. If it’s waves you want try farther North…some good body surfing size. :sunglasses:


The stretch of Playa Bavaro is one of the nicest beaches we have ever seen. You will be able to walk for miles in either direction and get a peek at all of the resorts.
As mentioned further North in the Uvero Alto section, the beach is not as wide and not as far to walk to the north or south.

Me gusta Playa Bavaro

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My vote goes for Bavaro, hands down! I was disapointed in the beach where we stayed last year (Sunscape Grande, Catalonia area) I am definitely a beach gal and that one did not do it for me! Must admit though that it was better than any beach off of lake Ontario in February, lol!


[quote author=joeferr board=general thread=1136389565 post=1136429371]As mentioned further North in the Uvero Alto section, the beach is not as wide and not as far to walk to the north or south.

I must respectfully disagree with that. I stayed @ Sunscape the Beach last year and you can walk for MILES in either direction without seeing another soul or resort! That being said…
In answer to best beach in PC? Would also have to say Bavaro or bust! But the South Coast is better yet, IMHO.

Good luck!


Just a clarification as one discusses the beached in Punta Cana.

They are all commonly known as the Playa Bavaro strip which consists of many different beach areas, different but very similar. Some wider than others, some more protected than others. Many beaches are referred to by their actual names but are still part of the Bavaro strip.

Uvero Alto is on the northern most part of the strip and waves can be quite rough in that area, Arena Gorda, Arena Macao, Arena Cortecito, Arena Cabeza de toro and Arena Cabo Engano all make up part of this magnificent stand of beach known as Bavaro. It ranges in width no matter where you go, the depth of the beach is quite wide in the Barcelo resort area while near the Carabella it is very narrow.

Bavaro is likely the most beautiful natural beach to be found anywhere, you can have your man made beaches in the south.

Arena by the way in Spanish means sand!

Mi dos peso! I will be sitting on the beach in Arena Gorda in 20 days, right where I belong.


Senor Wud, on what part would the Iberostar be? Is it just Bavaro or one of the others you named?


I would say that is on the south end of Arena Macao, I stand to be corrected as there really isnt any boundary line.


What a great island that so many beaches can be deemed the best! :slight_smile:


Man made, natural, what’s the difference really?!

I prefer the South for the snorkelling off the beach. It is too rough to do off PC beaches, and not much to see, hence my preference. Tho Bavaro is more aesthetically pleasing…