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Where do you find cheap air mattresses?

Hello everyone
Brand new to the forums but have been an avid reader for quite some time. We are heading to Cayo Levantado in 3 weeks, yahoo!!! Have never been to Dominican before and are anxious. We have learned so much on these forums from bubbas to mamajuana! One of the items people seem to think is a must is an air mattress to float on. We would love to take them and I have been looking extensively to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! BTW, live in Ontario Canada.
Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

ask at your local walmart or canadian tire as they must have them in stock soon, but maybe not out yet, or ebay maybe

:DI had the same problem and found reasonable $3.00 to $6.00 range at a pool and hot tub store.

I bought mine mine down there , at a store on the street near hotel ( CMB) paid about 160RD i think . about 5$ , then had it blown up at hotel gift shop

Last time we were there they had lots for sale around the resorts even at the gift shops for around $10 US…

I just bought one today for $2 at “Buck or Two’”!!

The dollar store has lots of great stuff for the beach…last time I travelled I stocked up for my kids, and then just left it for the maid to take to her children…

Hola: I am here in Maine but the local Walmart has all there summer stuff out for sale. I bought a cheap $5.00 floating chair with drink holder. Going to buy some more today. As said above, also check your dollar stores.

Have a great trip.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs

I have seen them already selling at The Independant Grocery store…
so that would mean that Loblaws and The Great Canadian Superstores should have them, too.

the have them at target for 2.99…if your in the US. In canada, I am not sure if the stores have them out yet…but I would think soon.

If you don’t see them on the floor, ask someone to check the back room for you. That’s what we did at Canadian Tire last weekend, and they had them.

If you have a Giant Tiger close to you check there as well.

$4.99 at Canadian Tire…just bought one today for PC

after last summer I bought abought 20 for 25cents each,we will be bringing them all with us and usually when we leave we give them to the people who just got on the resort,hopeing that they will do the same, Elaine