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Where do you recommend to go and stay in the Dominican Repub

My hubby and I have our trip booked to Varadero for December, but I am thinking of booking his dream spot (never been) in the Dominican possibly for late March. Please help me pick the best destination and tips, as I have said we are new to traveling, but his dream has always been the ominican. Is march a good time to go? Are there any stand out resorts or excursions you recommend? Thanks for any advice!!!

Many of us travel to both locations. Have a look and post your question here for more answers:

We love Puerta Plata and the Riu resorts. Friends are Punta Cana people.

I guess we would need to know what it is that would make it his “dream” vacation and then we could better suggest areas as well as resorts to consider!

Not sure why, he just wants to go there, he is terrified of Mexico with Canadians being killed there and I do remember him mentioning Puerto Plata, he must have heard about it from someone. For him, his dream vacation is beautiful resort, lots to do and explore, excursions and safety.

Well defn punta cana…white sand, great beaches and water…and the resorts are defn higher end and close to the level you would get at Mexico.

Resorts there are amazing, they really are.

But there are some newer resorts in Cuba that I would put close to those as well now that have recently been built.

Join the Dominican Republic Forum. It’s part of the Debbie’s group of forums.

Thank you monctonguy for your input!! And jetpilot I will do that for sure!!

@tammyb you can go to http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com and read more about Dominican Republic and excursions, things to do as well there is link in top right corner for the DR forum!
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Hello to everybody, I am from Ukraine.
This year my husband and I are planning to visit Dominican Republic, but as it will be our first trip there we want to gather as more information about this country as we can to make our trip pleasant.
So could you please advice where is it better to go, which resorts to choose?
We are quite active travellers, so it is important for us to have not only white sand and clean sea, but also to the possibility to see something picturesque.
Thank you a lot in advance.

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