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Where is everyone?

Is it just me, or is activity on this Forum down? Or even waaaaaaaay down?? Over the years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading what everyone has been up to, where they’re going, what they’re doing, there’s always been TONS of questions, and good solid information, advice, and tips Where are all the usual suspects?

Ima204…I am agreeing with you! I am finding that activity is down on all forum threads. I have an idea why, but I am going to keep that thought to myself !! :slight_smile:


Yep…that’s me !! :slight_smile:

I think we are all here but just taking in all the information. I touch base every day and value all the information I get. It is very difficult some times to say things in writing and I see all the people being pounced on and do not want to be one of them :slight_smile: Is this the reason - perhaps

I notice a lack of new posts and comments I agree where is everyone?

I think it partly has to do with the economy. Also, I think more people are going to the TripAdvisor site than to Debbies. Just my opinion.

I have been a member for quite a few years and before that just a lurker as some call it. I still enjoy the forum , I take a peek every day to see if anything is going on . Every now and then I post, sometimes I try to get a subject rolling, but as hinted it never seems to get picked up, and if it does , shut up quickly , too quickly. subject used to carry on for days good , bad and the ugly. that my" dos pesos " So therefor I rarely post even though I am here every day maybe others feel the same !

Thanx for launching into the discussion! I agree with many of the comments posted about the reasons why activity seems to be down. It’s never one reason and always a combination. Picking up on a couple of the comments made since I posted yesterday, I think folks do indeed seem to be using TA more often these days, myself included, but the main reason why I’ve always preferred Debbie’s, is there tends to be less “grandstanding.” Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of the comments posted on TA by the Destination Experts and the handful or two of “regulars,” but my goodness, do they have to launch into every single conversation? Yes, the are extremely knowledgable and have lots of good advice to share, but usually once they post their comments, there’s not a lot more to say, and then it becomes an email chat-line exchange between the 3 or 4 of them! Anyway, I’m hoping regular users of TA don’t take offence to my comments, and yes, I will continue to check out TA, including comments from the regulars, but I hope activity on Debbie’s picks up, because it’s been my go-to Forum for several years and have always found the advice more intimate, reliable, & respectful from folks with a good sense of humour. And while folks do sometimes get pounced on on this site, which is never fun or fair, I also believe it’s more prevelent on TA (you have to be sooooo careful!)…so come on everyone, let’s continue regularly checking out Debbies… but let’s also post more questions and comments!!! larry
PS: After taking a break from Punta Cana last winter and visiting Nuevo/Puerto Vallarta area, I am pleased we will be returning to PC in mid Februay!! Can’t wait…HOLA!!!

Good afternoon,

This is a good thread as it is putting into print what I think the statistics would prove.

The most people on line was almost 4 years ago on the forum which shouldn’t be that long ago.

It is mostly the people who have been around for years posting.

Ever since Debbies Dominican changed hands it has gone quieter and quieter.

I find that I spend most of my time on TA because this forum has basically dried up.

If the moderators can post some stats on posts this year compared to other years it would prove us correct I believe.

It just seems a shame but maybe it has served its purpose.

The # of travellers to the DR is increasing and you think this forum would keep growing too.

Anyway hopefully it will turn around but unfortunately I don’t think so.

Sad in my opinion.


steeve…you’ve hit on my thoughts too!
I’ve been a member of this forum since Sept 2004. I have learned an enormous amount of information about the D.R., it’s areas & it’s people.

I’ve met some wonderful people, both on-line & then in person & I had the opportunity to meet the “original” Debbie and her husband at one of the Ontario Dominican Fiestas. It was a sad day when Debbie & Pat relinquished their “love” to someone else & I know “the Editor” is trying his/her best to keep this website viable & informative. We’ve got some great Moderators too who keep the forums in line.

But yes, it has grown quieter & quieter. And sometimes I find that “web site” information is not kept up to date & at times, is not user friendly.

I too use the other website more often, but continue to keep a finger on the pulse here on Debbies.

Maybe we should be more pro-active & push this website to more people…even to our Travel Agents ( do you have a Travel Agent that doesn’t know about Debbies…I did !!). We need to make sure “the Editor” has up to date information so that written stuff can be corrected or even added.

Let’s hope this works…I’d hate to loose “a friend”

That’s my humble opinion…


I also check the site on a regular basis although do not log in unless I have something to contribute as I did today. Most of the questions that people have have been answered on earlier posts and maybe that is the reason. I have met many members on this site and now we make a point of keeping in touch at home or in Punta Cana when we are there at the same time.

I know I used to log in here almost every day. It was like a community, posting messages, talking with other members, reading up on reviews, experiences etc.

And with my almost 1,000 posts, you know I did visit this site alot… ::slight_smile:

But it did change a few years ago, which was around the same time I stopped going to Punta Cana as it is just too pricey.(not that the 2 are linked…lol)

I think that there is lots of previous and old information here, but nothing so current or recent. Reviews are limited, very few pics or none of the resorts and the reviews are hard to find on this site.

So on the TA site, you get thousands of reviews, lots of pictures, all are current and so its just a natural progression to ask any questions you might have once you are on that site already.

Just my two cents…

But for me personally…its all about the $. The DR is now about 2x as much as Cuba, so I will take 2 trips over 1 for the same price anytime…just me.

Hi everybody, I also check the site every couple of days. It gets me looking forward to my trip to Punta Cana. I’m kind of disappointed in the traffic, but if you think this site is bad, you should check out the Cuban Forum. It is really sad. I guess with all of us frequent fliers, we already know everything we want to know. I just like the chit chat,

I too check every other day and not much new here.

Even the Birthday threads are wayyyyy down, and even when the “core” group get their birthday wishes there’s only a few responses… sooooooooo unlike previous years :frowning:

as with anything times change,

forums all over have less and less posters, even TA has become a repetitive forum with the same people giving the same minimal answers ( weather questions seem to be the majority )

if you look at the timeline, the decline in forums( travel or anything else) has a real correlation with , social media (google+,facebook, twitter)

all one needs to do anymore to get more direct and instant answers, is go and join a group of the exact resort you are going to on facebook

will forums every totally go away , maybe, maybe not, time will tell

All Forums are down in totals, even T/A as northernale mentioned, the largest forum online today is DR1


Click on message Forums…

Yes all the travel forums are down including TA, but are you sure DR1 is the largest or busiest? DR1 says they have 2078 Active members? That seems low compared to TA?


Threads: 97,753 Posts:1,068,074 Members:59,788 Active Members:2,073
Active Members: are those who have posted in the past 30 days

wow that is a lot