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Where is everyone?


Not to many of us going to Panama this year???



We are going to Panama in 41 days yahoo!!!

When are you going ? We have never been before so all new to us

There doesn’t seen to be allot on Panama form anymore to get information from.

Thanks Tracey


Good morning, here for the role call!! lol

I don’t go till March, it’s a long long way off.
Yeah Tracey, 1 month 1 week, how exciting… are ya packed and ready to repack yet? I think i do that each time, pack at least twice, get there and don’t wear half of what i brought. DH roles his eyes… but ya never know what you just might need when you get there. I did manage to cut down on the shoes lol, only two pair plus the ones i wear…

Did you ever have any problems with weight restrictions? and how much is the MOST you ever paid to get all your loot back home??



Hi oh my we are so excited and yes im PACKED lol.New place for all o u to see there is 11 of us going and not 1 has ever been so should be fun




59 days and counting!!! ;D ;D ;D

TC, don’t know if you ever seen our review and photos but here goes… enjoy!

It’s our second trip to the Gamboa resort. We’ll be there for 2 weeks, with several side trips.


WOW we are so excited to go not 1 of our group of 11 have ever been so all new to us

and yes im all packed yahoooo

Iv read some pople that have had problems with weight but I would not know but would like

the heads up if you find out anything

thanks Tracey


sorry for the dubble post im almost new at this lol


I would like to se the photos where do i go



My mistake… ::slight_smile:


Where will you guys be staying?


I’m excited for you Tracey. I think it would be a blast for so many going at once. There is 6 in our party going and we have all agreed we’ll do our own thing if need be, but so nice to know that we can meet back up at supper time.

The couples we are going with, are now meeting once per month for brunch. We are having so much fun, last weekend was one couples turn, they had found some panama styles hats and her being an artist painted them all up etc. Each turn brings on another idea that helps with the wait. I found some “panama jack” towels in the fall and am awaiting my turn. Just thinking i may get their names ebroidered on the top - all in fun. I don’t want to weigh down the luggage by taking towels, anyway all in fun.


Hi tanks for the pictures there great to see.

We are staying at the Grand Playa blancha



Well well it’s about time someone got talking on here. :slight_smile:

We’re just biting at the chomp to go and we have awhile to go yet.

We have never been overweight coming home or going either. I try to pack evenly between the suitcases for our trip home. I hear of people not thinking and just throw all their dirties into one trunk and then getting zapped with the overweight. If you get a good person at the check in counter at the airport, they should allow you to shift things around in your luggage. (People behind in line might not like it though.)
I never pack ahead of time. I am usually doing it the day before. Reason being - I am afraid I will forget something by packing too far ahead. Also because the dog would make me feel guilty. A few years ago while packing, I left the room for a moment, when I came back he was lying in the suitcase. :smiley:


awe that’s sweet! Our little fluff bum usually has his nose out of joint too for a day or so after we return. This year our two daughters are old enough to stay alone with him so that will help. I also have family near so they are not “really” by themselves :wink: but now our regular “sitters” are kinda ticked cause they enjoy having him around for a couple weeks, spoil the little mutt rotten!


Packing for this trip will be different. The dog is gone. :’( Lived a good life, just short of sixteen years.

Got some dry cleaning bags saved to pack easy to wrinkle clothes.

As I think of things of what I want to take with us, I have created a special area to put it so I will remember to take them. :wink: Everything that is in liquid form gets put into a ziplock bag.

Talking about this is getting me more anxious to go. (Also the seeing the snow on the ground.)



I need the sun and the carefree attitude… the beautiful scenery, the beautiful people…


…I totally agree with you on that.

   It is worth the wait.


We are going to Panama (Royal Decareron) for the first time at the end of March for 2 weeks :D. We were in Costa Rica last year so this may be a little different, but very much looking forward to it. ::slight_smile:

This will be the first time we have done 2 weeks…

bring on the sunshine…


ah yah, the heat, no demands, time doesn’t matter…


Kelley, i remember my frist “two” weeks.

Our first few holidays were one weekers, found i had to take more holidays when i returned just to “catch” up on my sleep etc. We were always up and running and running, jamming as much into the 7 days that we could.

Now after experiencing the 14 days, 10 for me, would be absolute perfect! The last couple, i find, i am starting to get bored, missing my girls, that sort of stuff. weird i know.


Only once, did I go on a trip for only 1 week… hopefully, never again. I feel that it takes me about 3 days to get into the vacation spirit, and by that time there’s only a few days left … ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: