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Where is Stillsdaughter (Ashley)!?

Getting a little worried as she doesn’t seem to be around. Was hoping to meet up on our last trip “home” but couldn’t track her down at all! Hoping Ashley or someone who knows her sees this…I would like to know that she is OK?


Hi Lynn and thanks for the concern. I’m well as can be expected right. now but have not been in here very much. Just haven’t had the time and other reasons. Sorry you couldn’t track me down but I was in the interior of the DR for four days and at the Paradisus Palma Real for the other three days

well I am happy you are ok…still bummed we didn’t meet up…ONE of these times lol…


Seems the meetings never happen. Paro yo comprende.

hi jahaira…I have been following your story about your lovely girls for a LONG time now… We have met up with many Debs and TA folks over the last few years. Where is your home in DR?? Never know…greg and I and PC mike may show up for a visit lol


Lynn, you makin a pit stop in Jamestown? LOL ;D

One day WE are going to meet up :sunglasses:

SD… whereabouts in the interior?