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Where is the best place to shop?


Jan13-20 staying at the Natura park Eco Resort and Spa.I want to go shopping, where are some good place for me to go.


This is where I really shine! After all I watch my wife leave the house to go shopping all the time. Try Wal-Mart or Sears. Other than coffee I have never seen much worth buying in the D.R.


Where in PC do you recommend for buying this coffee?


Super Mercado in Cabeza de toro or in Cortecito.


There are two locations a short taxi ride away from your resort. They are Plaza Bavaro/Plaza Punta Cana and El Cortecito. The plazas offer all sorts of merchandise and other services such as banking, money exchanges, and internet cafes. El Cortecito is quaint strip of shops, inns, restaurants along the beach.



What kind of goodies for sale at the SuperMercado?


Don’t expect the Super Mercado to be like a WalMart of Great Casnadian superstore. Think of it as the old fashion local grocery of years ago.


Whenever we travel we try to go into a local supermarket just to see the difference/similarities in food stuffs - and we often leave with a few goodies. One time we saw a box of froot loops with shelf milk packaged together! The best thing I’ve ever bought at a dominican supermercado was an awesome bottle of pineapple jam - yum!