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Where the F*&% are me edocs?


So I travel in 2 days…still no edocs. This is the first time I have booked directly through a tour operator. Grrrrrrrrrr…never again.

And yes, I have checked my junk email and done a search - I delete very little. Guess I’m calling tomorrow morning when Nolitours opens at 9am. Anyone else ever have this problem with AT/Nolitours? I usually get them 3-4 weeks out. What gives?


Not to be a wise guy or anything, but why would you wait two days before departure for any information on your travel documentation??
I have always booked with Sears Travel and have never had any problems. I always get my travel itinerary 30 days before departure and have a great relationship with my consultant and can contact her anytime.


Hmmm, I find that highly unusual and rather unsettling… better check it out asap.

p.s. We’ve never booked with Nolitours


I have used nolitours but book thru belair travel or tmr.
Dont panic, call them and all will be well.
We have also had the TA e docs directly at the airport


I’m not really panicking. Just annoyed. I waited this long as on my confirmation it say edocs will be emailed within 7 days of departure. I figured I’d get them last thurs or fri. When I noticed I didn’t have them Friday I called but they were closed and since today is thanksgiving, tomorrow it will be.


I had never waited for emailed edocs. I have just gone to the tour operator site and logged on with my Itinerary number and printed them off myself. Not sure which operator you’ve booked with but I’ve done this with Sunwing and Air Canada Vacations. I know when I booked with The Flight Centre they said they’d email the documents but I never did get an email from them.


SharonAnn is correct. You can also go to the Nolitour site,look at the top and there is a subtitle saying edocuments (or something like that) and you can enter your information and print them off your self.


Dont panic. Few years ago when there was last minutes booking I used to pick up my ticket at the airport. my flight at 7AM the rep. already was there.


Yup, I got em’ this morning by calling. I knew it wouldn’t be an issue, just have better things to do than sit on hold for 45 minutes waiting for the next available operator. Unfortunately, you cannot access your edoc through their website. Not sure why they don’t do it but oh well.

So I guess I’m all set. Guess I better start packing!


Have a great trip! As it gets colder and darker, Cuba is sounding better and better!