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Where the heck is the Jellyfish?


We found Captain Cooks, easy on the beach.

So where is the JF??? Is it in Corticeto? Could we have walked there from the Palladium RS’s?

I keep thinking I will read where it is on Debbie’s, but I can’t stand it anymore hahaha.

To get my bearings, If I cut through CC’s and am facing the market what from there??


You can go to Jellyfish from Capitan Cooks via the beach, as you face the water from the restaurant you will turn right and proceed down the beach. Walking time will be about 30-45 minutes. Jellyfish restaurant is set back from the beach just a short distance beyond the Sol Melia Caribe/Tropical property.

The street access to Jellyfish from the main street is a unimpressive and unpaved road on the lot sandwiched between the Sol Melia Caribe/Tropical property and IFA Villas Bavaro Resort. The 1 km road abuts and extends for a great extent parallel to the IFA property then turns to the left extends a short distance with a turn to the right to expose the entrance to the Jellyfish restaurant and parking area.

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