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Where to exchange your $?

In Varadero, is it the airport, hotel or bank? We always exchanged our $ at the resorts. Where is the exchange booth located at the airport and if there is a bank in Varadero? With the current exchange rate, every little bit counts.


1.) The best exchange rate is a bank.
2.) The next best exchange rate as it any Cadeca.
3.) The next best rate is at the Airport Cadeca.
4.) The worst rate is over-the-counter at any hotel or resort because the rate is not regulated by the government.

On a 1 or 2 week all-inclusive holiday then the difference between Options 1, 2 & 3 is immaterial.

If you’re an independent traveler or a long term visitor then exchanging at a bank is the most sensible option.

can anyone give me some examples regarding the exchange with canadian funds thank you donalddelorey@eastlink.ca

The Banco Metropolitano website has been down for almost 2 weeks so there’s no place on the Internet right now where you can get an accurate exchange rate direct from Cuba.

Fortunately I was talking to a pal today who was inside the bank, and he sent me today’s rates via text!

CAD: 1.348940
GBP: 1.277720
EUR: 1.186530

So, today at the bank $100 Canadian Dollars = 74 Cuban Convertible Pesos.

Any Cadeca will be slightly less than the bank, with the airport Cadeca being a bit worse than any other Cadeca. (We’re only talking a small amount though, so it’s immaterial for someone on a 1 or 2 week all-inclusive vacation.)

Figures the rate goes down when I come back.

We were getting between $66 and $68 CUC for $100 Cdn last week.

Oh that’s surprising, I always exchanged my money at the airport thinking that that Cadeca gave the best rate

Nope Iggy, the declining rates from best to worst are as posted above - the bank will always beat a Cadeca and a “normal” Cadeca will always beat the airport Cadeca.

Like I said though, the difference for an all inclusive tourist is so small that you’re talking a few beers one way or the other. (An independent or long-term traveler who is paying for everything in CUC is obviously much better off going to the bank.)

Here’s the latest and greatest Cuban based money exchange site: