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Where to find Conch Pearl sellers?


I’m a little confused here.
A basic retail Store?
Fishermen Conch divers?A great Story? Couldn’t you just make one up?
I bet if you just went there, you might find what you want.


Helpful answers are most appreciated. No, you can’t just make up your own story if you have a passion for collecting something special. I’d rather meet with the conch diver that held his breath to 15 meters to score a conch with a pearl than shop in a cruise ship storefront. Those of you who collect something will understand. Thanks.


I had to google Conch Pearl. I’ve never heard of anyone selling them in Cuba. Perhaps they are as rare as cruise ship storefronts. :wink:

If there is any organized Queen Conch fishery, I would be surprised. You aren’t supposed to take Conch shells out of Cuba…which doesn’t mean you won’t find those for sale…but they are supposed to be protected.


I am also interested in conch pearls but never had any luck. Try pearlparadise.com.


Thanks for the input from your experiences there, eeefarm. FYI - since I can see you love the sea and snorkeling-- the Queen Conch is not endangered, it is ‘monitored’ (CITES Appendix II) thanks to a few countries that overfished them or refused to file a sustainable fishing plan with CITES. That means trade is now monitored, and shipments require a permit to demonstrate they were fished legally and in a sustainable manner. Unless there is a special rule in a country, you can still take shells out with a permit to show that they were obtained responsibly! Thanks again.


Getting permits from Cuba is a challenge!


Obtaining shells “responsibly” in Cuba would be even more of a challenge. ;D


dd2, have you visited Cuba before? It is a place like no other. But the words “convenient” and “shopping” will never be found together in the same breath.

As a pearl aficionado, I would love to see your collection. One of my proudest possessions is a pearl from the Sea of Cortez, via Kojima Pearls. Conch pearls are very valuable and expensive but I understand why you would want one, the flaming light pattern is hypnotic.


I guess I ruffled some feathers. My apologies dd2.
In almost 20years of traveling to Cuba , I have never seen these pearls for sale.
Judging how Cuba is so tight with it’s possessions, and is a Social State, you might have to look to the “Black Market” for your purchases.


No worries, deebob. Thanks for the apology, and I too apologize if my reply could have been more hospitable. Anyway, Cuba harvests about 800 metric tons of conch annually. That means there are, statistically speaking, 500-1000 conch pearls found every year. I suspect most are exported, since as most know, there is not much of a luxury market in Cuba. I’m just trying to find some, and was hoping a post might yield some leads…


Lots of info here, FYI: