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Where to go? Ages 22,19 and 18 with parents


We have given our adult kids a trip for end of April to DR…now we have the problem of where to go. We want preferably 24 hour drink and snack or at least until 2am. lively nightlife and entertainment…nice beach calm water. Heard POP was fun at night time for young adults? Looking at Breezes POP and Punt Cana, Azzuro??? please help any other ideas??? ::slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’m a 20 year old university student and would highly recommend a resort in the playa dorada complex (POP) for anyone around my age. The complex has about like 15 (maybe a bit more) resorts that are all close to one another. There’s a lot of bars and discos that are really fun like Hemmingways, Mangu, Crazy Moon, ect. In the middle of the complex, there is a shopping mall with restaurants and boutiques. The best thing about the playa Dorada complex is that everything is so close and it’s safe!

I went to the Viva Wyndham Playa Dorada last year and had the time of my life! The nightlife was awesome and I met a lot of people my age! Since it was so great last year, my friends and I are going back to that region in Feb. but this year we will be staying at the Occidental Grand Flamenco!

Hope I helped out! Let me know if you have more questions…By the way, I have pics of my trip last year (link below)

Ariane :sunglasses:


You should send your kids by themselves and you guys take off on your own… They are grown ups…they can take can of themselves, besides I am sure their interests are different than their parents. That way you can relax.
But yes Playa Dorada looks like a party spot. Never been there but I have heard from others. Although I really did not like the beach in that area. We stayed at the coral and it is good for relaxation…but their disco at nite is not that great. IMHO. From the looks of it though Punta Cana beaches are MUCH nicer!!! White sand as opposed to the brown stuff.


I liked the CAsa Marina. It’s not the fanciest resort but… as soon as you walk out the door, your in sosua. The adult kids would love the bars there. If there not much into leaving the resort (and want to drink for free) I hear that Breezes is the spot. I’m going this year for the first time. Read some reviews that’s helpful.


As other posters have suggested, a hotel in the Playa Dorada complex might be a good choice. You weren’t too specific, but I assume that you will be going at the same time and are ‘paying the freight’ for the young adults. Sure, they will have different interests than you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get together for meals and the odd excursion. I expect they will disappear for the night life, and as mentioned in a previous post, there are a few good selections inside the complex.
I’m going to suggest Fun Royale. It has 24 hr bar and snack, the accommodation is basic but acceptable, the food is pretty good for a 3.5 star, the entertainment is pretty lively, and they tend to arrange packages to discos, tours to Puerto Plata etc. These are at nominal cost, just to cover the transportation costs. The downside is that they are not right on the beach, but it’s a mere 6 minute walk through the golf course, from the front gate to their beach club.


I agree! Fun Royale would be a great place for younger visitors, and folks. It’s reasonably priced but very well maintained.


I have to totally agree with Bob and Pat I would send my boys,if I had any, to the Fun Royale. Great resort for all there needs. :sunglasses:


I’m 19, and booked for playa dorada with my mum :slight_smile: from what I heard, it sounds good!