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Where to stay....where to stay.....on a budget


We are going to Cuba for the umpteenth time in April. We have always gone 5 star. This time, due to the friends we are bringing with us, we must follow some guidelines. One is to make the trip under $1000/taxes in. Also we are going to Varadero and that’s been decided. But I don’t know the best place to choose. I am leaning to the Blau Varadero. The people coming with my husband and I are VIRGIN all inclusive people and VIRGIN Cuban visitors. Naturally, we would like to offer them the best experience that we can. Thoughts? (We are all around 50-55 yrs old) Just want a relaxing holiday.
I have used this website in the past and always been pleased with the advice given by it’s loyal followers. I am sure this thread will bring similar results.


A buddy of ours goes year after year with his family to the Blau Varadero. He luvs it … nothing bad to say about it. A couple of years ago we stayed at Agula Azul (hotel next to the Blau) and I visited the grounds and it was about 5X nicer than Agula Azul… pretty sure that you will be ok with that hotel for a 50-55 yrs old group. It is a highrise with elevators so that is good… no stairs to walk up ;D ;D :P.
Good luck in your search that is the best part of a holiday the planning)… One thing with about going to Varadero in April… you are pretty well guaranteed hot weather in April… I wouldn’t take a chance in January.
have fun…


Blau is available at $985. all in in April as of today but varies with the exact dates.

Agree that newbies to Cuba should try as high a star rating as finances allow, then expand their horizons on subsequent trips.


Stayed at the Blau…if you can get it for $1000 tax in, jump on it!

Very nice resort, competes with the 5 stars, but at a much better price.

Lots of repeat guests there. Great place to relax. All one buliding which makes it easy to get around as well.