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Which Is the Best Resort in Cayo Largo?

I have been in Cayo Largo and I stayed in Playa Blanca Cayo Largo and Sol Pelicano and I had great experience staying in both resorts. I liked Playa Blanca as rooms were nicer but I liked Sol Pelicano as beach was nicer (no need to walk on the side of the resort for the beach). So which resort in Cayo Largo is the best for you?

I think it depends what you are looking for. I’ve been to the Sol CL and I find it’s a very nice place for adults and couples, but the open-air buffet is really hot in the summer. The rooms are definitely nicer than the rooms at the Pelicano.

I prefer the Pelicano for its beach, and I think it’s a great resort for families and for people looking for a livelier atmosphere. And I really like the pool at the Pelicano. The problem with the Pelicano is that the Melia chain is not taking good care of it, it needs to be better maintained and certainly better marketed. Closing it for 6 months every year is taking its toll on the buildings and on the employees - more are leaving each year.

In my humble and totally biased opinion… Playa Blanca is the best

I’ve always stayed at the Sol and have never been tempted to stray away.

I see some resorts in Cayo Largo only accept tourists from Italy.

There are a few members here who would love to be able to book some of the properties operated by Bravo for the Italian market.
The Coral is all fixed up and looks great.

Bravo resort has nice position and looks nice as well but only Italians stay there and not even many of them as resort looked empty while others were full.