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Which resorts off "free week" perks?


I know Superclubs offers a free week perk after 5 visits and would like to know which other resorts, in Cuba, offer similar perks.


Playa Costa Verde Resort offers a free week to retruning guests after 5 stays. It does no include airfare so most people book it in conjunction with a paid week to cover it.


Good question. I’d also like to know if hotel chains offer these perks if you stay at their hotel (regardless of where). We’ve been at Iberostar more than 6 times but only twice at the same place.


Are there not restriction placed on the free week with Breezes? My friends was told that only after May and before December busy times.

Not so great from Atlantic Canada this free week business as it will cost approx $7-800. for each person to fly and then it would have to be to Toronto then to Cuba as there are no directs during that time.

Would be so much better if she could book her usual time(end of March) then pay for a week and have her freebie!

Didn’t Play Costa use to be a Breezes property and they are still honoring the Superclub’s way of doing things, the free week after 5 stays?

I have stayed at many Iberostar’s and to my knowledge there is not free week given, having said that some will give you an upgrade.

For me the only way the free week is good is if you can use it at anytime. I agree that Christmas could be a black out but after that the door should be opened that way you can take advantage of the true free week plus another paid for and your flight would be included in your paid week. Just my opinion.


Playa Pesquero offers free week in low season after 8 stays. In order to take advantage you should stay 2 weeks (pay your own 1 week) to cover the airfare. Phone ACvacations or SW they will arrange the second week for you.