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Which Riu Property would you pick


We love to snorkel so the beach and ocean are very important and want a safe and clean resort.
Out of these three resort which would you pick Riu Negril, Riu Tropical Bay, Riu Ocho Rios.


We are leaving for Ochos Rios in 2 weeks will send you info on this resort when we return


We were at the RIU Ocho Rios last January. There is a fair bit of the water you would be able to snorkel in, although i never saw anyone doing that. They do have a rope indicating the distance you go from shore and to keep boats and runners out of the way of people in the water.


We stayed at the Riu Ocho Rios last April and it was one of the best properties/destinations we have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

We felt safe anywhere we went. We felt the town was safe. Don’t stray into alleys, non tourist areas though, use common sense.

Everyone was laid back and very friendly. There were lots of opportunities to sample their local flora, if you know what I mean. We were not into that, but others must have been or there would not have been such a vibrant trade in it. No one ever “pushed” us to purchase their stuff. Just a simple “no thanks” and you were left alone.

We love to snorkel to. There weren’t any areas at the resort that I would say was good, or even fair for snorkelling. The resort is set on a beautiful white sand beach. Venturing outside of the roped area could be a bit scary since there are jetskis and boats running by all the time.
But, if you like adventure, wait at the edge of the roped area, and wait for a lull in the jetski traffic. When you have an opening, swim as fast as you can to the barrier reef, about 100-200 feet off shore. The swimming is great out there, and the fishermen set lobster traps there. The lobster traps attract not only lobster, but colorful fish too. The reef itself has an abundance of tropical fish. We had a lot of fun at that reef.

You can’t go wrong with that property, in my opinion. Keep in mind it is a 1.5 hour bus trip to the resort from the airport. We didn’t mind the ride, we got to see some of the countryside.

Any questions, feel free to email me at mike@firealarm.ca.