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Which side of plane?


I am going to book our seats and wondering which side of the plane gives you the best view as you come into POP?




right side


Is that the right side facing the front or back of the plane. ? ::slight_smile: Thanks



Well,with the exception of a few military flights a long,long time ago.i have always faced the front of the plane,and i’m not sure on every flight because of the winds but every flight i’ve had going into pop ,the best view would be the left side faceing the [ front ] as you get to look out at the coast ,Sosua,ect, but i think it’s the luck of the draw how your plane is directed in…


Got to go with wud on this one.
For you non aeronautical types the “right” side is ‘starboard’.
And, when sitting on the beach at Playa Dorada, you watch an almost endless parade of plane loads of “whities” approaching from the west and out over the water. The people on the “right” side of the plane see the coast, the others see water. Once you cross the coastline, those on the left get to see it, but by this time you are pretty well clear of the hotel zone.


Always remember… all measurements, left right front back port starbord etc. are taken from the drivers (pilot) seat with the person making the observation (left right etc.) seated in the normal position…goes back to my mechanic days…


Technically, port and starboard have nothing to do with where you are standing and/or facing. That’s why they came up with the terminology. Starboard is always starboard, so there’s NO confusion. That said, we always pick that side of the plane when flying to POP. Oh, and if you use that term, you will likely be faced with a blank stare, because they have no idea. ::slight_smile:

I stand corrected, I should never have included port and starboard in my explaination…


Which side, the inside of course. To be serious now the right side is the best for a splendid view :sunglasses:


Thanks for the lesson guys. :wink:



when flying from the usa, i have noticed that the plane goes along the sosua coast line, passes the airport, goes along the beach in playa dorada, and then turns back to the airport. therefore, i try to get the window seat, A, in any row. don’t worry about the rt/lft thing, get an A seat. They usually go A, B, C…D, E, F. Once though the plane did come in from the fort side of puerto plata. don’t know why, and it was the only time it has ever happened.



In reality there is one definitive answer to:
Which Side of the plane should I sit?
Answer: The INside of course :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



The simple answer is that any aircraft will land INTO the wind when possible. Althought Luperon Airport only has one runway, the most favourable landing conditions will be used. So when landing in Puerto Plata, the aircraft will go straight in on the 26 approach with the coastline usually on the left side of the aircraft or make the circle west of the airport and approach on the 08 heading. Regardless of the final approach, most flights will probably have a good view of the coast on the left side of the aircraft before landing.


In all of my flights into POP we have always come in more or less over Playa Dorada and then banked left descending over Momtellano into a west to east landing. In addition we have always taken off in the same west to east direction and then banked left for home.

However the last week of October (especially the Tuesday and Wednesday) when Wilma’S Mexican refugees were arriving en mass, the planes were consistently approaching over Sosua and landing from east to west.

It’s all in the wind.


Yes, and the prevailing wind is from the east, so the odds are that you will be approaching the airport from the west, and hence the shore will be on the starboard side (right side) as you make your final approach. No guarantees, but …


Right Alf,the wind is the factor,and most of the time that i’ve come into pop the coast line is on the LEFT, or if you wish Port, the side with the Red light,notice all short words,but the best side no matter what,just as long as that sucker lands safely…el chicken when flying…thats me…


Well said!
All the seats take off and land at the same time. ;D


We sat on the right side and didn’t see anything. Course it was 10 PM at nite. hmmmmm


If you can’t see anything out the window you’ll at least enjoy the thrilled looks of those passengers around you that have waited too long to get back to parridise—mine would be impatient glee!!! :smiley:


Just to carry on with the starboard, port thing…

I thought those were only naval terms, not aeronautical terms??