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Which side of the plane?


Hola! We’ve finally gotten all the details finalized for our trip and I need to pick seats on our flight. (non-charter)

We’ve got two kids and would love to sit on the side of the plane that looks at the ocean as you fly into POP - anyone know which side we’d need??

Silly, I know, but it’s a surprise for them and we’d like them to be able to see the ocean as we come in.



Now that’s really planning ahead!!! :slight_smile:

We had a lovely view the last time we flew in and we were sitting on the right hand side as you face the front of the plane.

Have a great trip.



IMHO either side would be great oma day flight. As far as landing, it would depend on the winds that day. Planes land into the wind, so you can’t count on a best side. Like I said either would be good. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


leaving from toronto i like the right side as you see land and ocean on the way down,


Your best odds are if you sit on the right side of the plane. With the prevailing winds, the planes usually fly in directly off Playa Dorada beach. The normal approach gives you a good view as you come in.
We spend hours watching the new load of "whities" come in (as we sit on the beach sucking up Presidente).
If the wind switches from its usual, then all bets are off.


Just to add to what Bob said:

Planes arriving from the north have water on both sides as they approach the DR north coast. They then bank to the left over Playa Dorada, at which point you may see only land on the right side, while the left may see a mixture of land and water.



Planes land into the wind, the prevailing wind in the DR are ENE, so when they bank to come in ocean and land can be seen from both sides, generally they pass over Playa Dorada and the ocean is on the left, but the nicest view is the lush green landscape with mountains in the background from the right side.


Obviously a "one sided" opinion, as we have only flown into POP on the right side of the plane :wink:

That being said, it was a very beautiful entry into the Dominican, as I am sure that it is from the left side of the plane as well, considerring that you are that muh closer to your time on vacation!

I will note though, that the people on the left side of the plane did seem to be looking more to the windows on the right, as we landed!



Wow, thanks everyone for your responses. I think we’ll try the “right” side of the plane and be so thrilled that we’re on our vacation!! DR here we come!.. in 1 month and 5 days LOL


the absoulete best side, is the inside


;D have to agree! don’t think I could hang on that long!


But as my wife says…the outside would have the absolute "best" view…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Flying out of Vancouver I sat on the right side. Got the best view of the Rockies. Entering the DR was great, even though it was fairly dark, was beautiful. Going home same thing. The best seat by far is just being in it! I did have seats on all my trips adjacent to the wing and I thought that was pretty good (mind you I am not very tall 5’4". If I had a digital camera I would have taken pictures of the clouds -they look so different from up there compared to our earthly perspective, my grandkids would have loved them!