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Which Tour Operators Use Westjet?

Does anyone know which tour operators use westjet, specifically out of Halifax, but out of other cities as well?

I’m not sure whether Westjet flies to Cuba. ??? (They have flights to the Dominican Republic, though.) I’m curious, too…maybe someone else knows for sure.

According to “airline route mapper” and confirmed by westjet vacations, they do not fly to Cuba at this time.

We flew Westjet with Transat last year from Ottawa to Cayo Santa Maria. This year we are scheduled on Westjet again to Varadero.


We are flying from Moncton, N.B. to Varadero with WestJet. We booked a Sunquest Vacation.

It all depends on what city you are flying from… It changes each year.Which is a bummer because I would MUCH rather fly westjet :smiley:

Just a note of interest AnneM posted on Feb. 16 that at the end of this tourist season WestJet will no longer be flying for Transat. Transat will be using CanJet .
Here is the link she posted

We are flying with West Jet out off Halifax to Holguin Cuba in April…We booked with Transat Holidays.

last year we flew Westjet out of Ottawa with Transat tours. But I dont know about this year.

I sure wish that we were flying Westjet.
Instead we got the cattle car with wings ,sigh :’(

It is confusing.
Almost all the airline companies say they are financial ruin and claim all kinds of strife, but Westjet just keeps on posting modest profit and they are best in the air by far.
Why can’t the other airlines copy Westjet’s business model ?