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Who do you book through?


Just got back from mexico :’( (had a great time), but now starting to plan the next trip ;D

We cannot fly out from Winnipeg to Panama direct, and found only one travel brochure with any info on Panama and it’s not the best (can’t recall the name sorry).

Who have you used?


Novatours(SP) and Sunwing fly in from Toronto


I just got back from Panama on Monday. Absolutely wonderful. Nolitours has flights out of Toronto every Monday. You can book with any travel agent or online.


thank you, i just found nolitours.com and some great info. Jebbie, will you post up a review?


am hoping to … just not enough time in a day. I’m not sure I could add anything to the so many great reviews out there already. The resort was fantastic and I would have to dig pretty deep to find anything to complain about.

Take Care and have a wonderful trip.


I know exactly what Jebbie means in regards to posting a review. What more is there to add when others have put it quite nicely? My only complaint was - two weeks was not long enough.


… just to let you know … I did manage to post a review … still nothing to complain about ;D I so appreciated how helpful all the other reviews were I felt I needed to do my part.


Oh-oh, did I miss it? I am going to have to take a look.


It was just up today Bebbie
I really felt terrible for those who had to pay for another flight so I wanted to ensure everyone was aware of the Passports.


Where did you post it?

The latest one was Suzanne.


Well thats strange … i see it there right after Suzanne


Good review Jebbie - I loved the story about the lost key in the pool - too funny! :slight_smile:


Now isn’t that weird. I clicked on what you had typed and it shows up. Very strange. I am off to read it.


Fantastic review Jebbie.


thanks bebbie and heatseaker
I’m suffering from withdrawals
really enjoyed the trip more than any others.

happy travelling