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Who is going to win US elections tomorrow Trump or Hillary?

  • Trump
  • Hillary

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I’m not sure I want to vote in the survey. From a lot of what I hear, it sounds like the USA is doomed, no matter who they pick. So I will only hope that things are never as bad as they seem.

Our neighbors have to go and vote and we can only watch. I understand that you do not to give vote for survey and thank you for your comment :+1:. I just think it would be interesting to see what others on the forum think who will win.

When I examine the electoral college votes I believe it will be a win for Hillary. Trump would have to win every swing state just to make it close. Polls can certainly be wrong but for Trump to have a chance they would all have to be wrong.

There will be little sense of relief if Hillary wins, however. I see more even more division and chaos ahead than there has been in the past 8 years no matter how this turns out.

I think so, too. I’m just afraid to vote. :scream:

I’m predicting Clinton 323 / Trump 215


OK, on thinking it over, I think maybe I will vote. I think Hillary will win. It seems to me that only about 50% of Americans hate her, whereas, I think that probably somewhere around 55% of them hate Donald.
I’m kind of with that overlap who don’t seem to think much of either one, but then I never have been keen on politicians.
Of course, Donald has been pretending not to be a politician all along, but what better strategy for a true politician?

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^ I agree. The majority of voters will be holding their nose when they vote. I know that I would be. What’s interesting about this is that one would think that this would cause many people to stay home but I think that the opposite will be true and that the intense hatred for the other side could result in record turnouts. For the two most disliked candidates in recent history. Just let that sink in.

I think Hillary, but I also thought Britain would stay.

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Its good to see what our members think and what will be actual result tomorrow.

Members of the forum voted for Hillary. Let’s see tomorrow morning if members were right.

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It is going to be Trump. Americans want change.

Trump won. Forum was wrong.

LOL…Americans want change. They also want to be politically correct that is why people said one thing and went ahead and voted another. Love it.
Things will be rocky for a while and once the shock wears off, I do believe America has a chance to be great again.

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OK. I was wrong about Trump. And Brexit. And the Blue Jays. And Wynne.

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Donald did make a nice acceptance speech last night. Hmmm, funny thing, it sounded almost exactly the opposite to his campaign. The campaign was anything but politically correct, but the acceptance speech was. I guess he really is a politician.

Mr Trump does what he needs to do to win. The President-elect played the nomination game one way, the election, another couple of ways and will no doubt play POTUS in a different way too.
What a great time to be a comedian.

[quote=“Spunky, post:17, topic:23077, full:true”]
Mr Trump does what he needs to do to win.[/quote]

I am such a cynic when it comes to politicians. I think almost every politician will tell whatever lies he/she needs to in order to get elected.
If that politician has the good of his country at heart, then the result is usually good, at least if he/she has the sense to know what is good for the country.
If the politician only has a thirst for power, then the result will not be good.
We’ll have to see what happens, but a lot of what was said during the campaign worries me. I would still be worried if the result had been the opposite, but the worries would be different ones.
When Alberta elected an NDP government, at first I was shocked and surprised. But I was willing to say, “Let’s see what Ms. Notley can do with the mess we are in.” Our other two parties in Alberta committed political suicide, so, in hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised.
When Justin Trudeau was elected, I was willing to say, "Let’s give the kid a chance to show what he can do."
I find it hard to express a similar sentiment today. But the USA, and the rest of the world have little choice but to wait and see.
This is the first US election I can remember where it has seemed that whatever happened, the majority of Americans would be disappointed. But they are putting on a brave face today, at least saying they believe that the democratic process has worked.

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Well I was certainly wrong, but so were the people who get paid to do it. :slight_smile:

Many Republicans distanced themselves from him because they also were betting on him to fail and didn’t want to associated with it. Others tried with varying degrees of success (Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz) to play the middle ground and some jumped on the bandwagon (Chris Christie). Some made their choices based on principles but many more were trying to save their political future. Trump knows what motivates these people and he may well be able to manage these factions like an episode of Apprentice, playing them against each other to get what he wants. If not, the Republican party will destroy itself. I’m making no bets on that one.

To put it quite bluntly, I think Trump is such a windbag, he won’t do half of the things he said he would.
Oh well, I’m already getting ready for my retort to any Americans I meet that talk about how great Donald is. I will just say, “Oh yeah, well our Prime Minister has nicer hair than your President.”

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