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Who paid the most for luggage weight?


Just asking if anyone has ever been stuck paying the extra $'s for their heavy luggage full of their loot coming home???

Last year friends of ours, hit the 40lbs rite on the button in Cuba. I think it was 7. US per pound after that. I was only 39 lbs at that time. whew!

Sooo, who has paid before and how much??



Usually anything I buy - I pack into our carry-on.


where do you put all the stuff from your carry on? I guess with the new restrictions the stuff i normally kept in my carry on (shampoos etc) will have to be put into checked bags.


Lynn, just prior to your trip, check into the regulations on what you can take on board.

Our son returned not too long ago from a trip out west and he said there were postings up that you could carry on liquids. ??? Maybe that was allowed on domestic flights. I know I am going to check that out prior to our trip.

What I would normally do with the stuff in my carry-on is: if I knew I had the weight to spare I would pack it in our checked baggage. I usually leave some of our toiletries behind anyways.



thanks Bebbie, this is a site i have found, you and others probably have seen it already, for those who haven’t, it’s got some great info…