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Who to send save the date cards to?


We have already heard back from some family members that they will NOT attend our DW (hate the heat, don’t like to travel, too ill). Should we still send out save the date cards to them? We don’t want it to seem like a gift grab, but we want people to feel included.
How many people did you invite?



I have decided that I am sending save the date cards to everyone I would invite to my wedding if I was having it here, even if I know they are not coming to my wedding. This way no one can say they would have come but were not invited and no one can get mad at me for not inviting them. I will only send invitations to people who respond to my save the dates though.


librajaco - congrats on your upcoming DW!!! :smiley:

We were married in Cuba, 2005 and this is what we did, for what it’s worth…

Prior to planning the details of our DW, we already knew, that my father would be throwing us a reception upon our return home, nothing super fancy, just a great party. Anyway, what we did was send our actual invites for our DW, just to let everyone now of our plans, and it also stated there would be a reception once we were home, there were reply cards included so if anyone did want to attend our DW, they were more than welcome.
We too were a little unsure if this was the correct way to do things, but it seemed to go over just fine. There were quite a few people whom we didn’t think would attend, but actually did!!!
Just prior to us leaving for Cuba we sent out the formal invites to the reception, and received most replies before we left, and it was really nice to see all the well wishes for the actual wedding, I was quite overwhelmed!!

Tigs :slight_smile:


We knew we only wanted to spend a whole week with some people in our families, so we were a little selective in our invites. We chose Cuba over other destinations also knowing that some of my American relatives would not join us there. It was a hard thing to tell people that they were not going to be invited to the wedding in Cuba, but we are also having a reception for those that cannot come. Also, that means the Moms get to have say over the receptions (we are actually getting two! One in Eastern Canada and one in the West) because we have all the control over the ceremony, and that seems to have worked out for everyone! We have 24 people coming to our wedding and we only got 3 Nos, so when sending out Save the Date cards remember that many people love the idea of getting away, especially in a group with family and friends.


We just sent them to everybody that we would invited and only gave the formal invitations to the people who actually made the trip the day before the wedding at the resort. We had 15 people join us. Then we had a reception in May, as well as our family reunion so at least 2 parties of about 40 people each, so we covered everybody, lol.


I sent them to everyone we would have invited to a wedding at home, whether I knew they were coming or not, I think that’s just proper etiquette :