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Who's going to blow their Tax Return on Vacation?

Come on spill the beans! ;D

I wish I had one :’(

I am!!!

I should be using my tax return to pay for my trip…but probably not ::slight_smile:

Is there any other way?

My RSP contributions have to be good for something this year!!

I don’t consider it 'BLOWING IT" I consider it ‘WELL INVESTED’


tax return! what’s that :’( :’(

Tax Return, I haven’t seen one of those since the min 70’s. If I did receive one it may not even get me out of town.

I sure hope you are referring to a refund and not a return, or you could find the suits knocking on your door some day. I am expecting a refund but sadly I am not allowed to take vacation leave this time of year and no one wants to go in the fall when I can.

that was no refund, but I still file :frowning:

I invest mine every year on vacation… can’t wait

Hmmm I must have a good accountant…I have gotten a refund every year since I started filing… this year we figure we should be able to go for a quickie week within the next month or so, and still have enough for part of January’s trip…

No better way to spend it.

i am having my taxes done 2-11 hmm leaving the 19th for the grand paradise playa dorada, you better believe im using some of my taxes for vacation

We are!!! Thank you Stephen Harper et. al for paying for our Dominican vacation this year!!

Don’t forget, it’s not Harper’s money It is yours. LOL. A tax refund is payement back to you of money that you over payed the government. They have had it all year and give it back to you interest free. I allways end up owing money. I figure I might be better to keep it in my bank and re-pay them . As long as I remit on time, there is no penalty and no interest. I was taught years ago that it is poor finacial planning to overpay your taxes, but it is nice to get that refund cheque.

Greggy, I follow the same thinking path as you. I don’t want them using my money all year and then giveing it back to me without any interest. I like to break as close to even as possible. So instead of letting the Gov’t do my saving, I do it myself. :slight_smile:

Hmmm divorce lawyer or trip…divorce lawyer or trip…decisions, decisions