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Who's going when?


We are leaving from Toronto for 10 days at the Royal Decameron then 4 days at the Gamboa on Feb 26.
Wondering is anyone is going the same time of perhaps we could start some sort of directory where anyone who has similar travel dates can post and chat with others with the same travel plans.


Hi, we are leaving Feb 19 for 2 weeks, and 2 of our daughters, will be coming down on the 26th to join us for a week. Can’t wait, especially with a wind chill of -47 here today!!


So lloks like your daughters will be sharing a flight with us if they are leaving from Toronto. You must be way north of us at -47, it’s a balmy -15 here today.


17 more days for us till we leave this gawd forsaken frozen northland for the sunny beaches of Panama, but who’s counting?


Ha ha, I sure would be. After spending two weeks in Panama with perfect sunny hot weather, this cold weather is a killer.


I am going on Feb. 26th me and my Girlfriend. Toronto AIR TRANSAT…
We are 26 and 24!! AND SO EXCITED!!!


We will be on the same flight delsolaaron. Nobody else on this site seems to be going at the same time so I guess there will be a big old plane with just the 4 of us onboard! We are old farts in our 50s but still expect to have a blast and see what kind of trouble we can get into. Check out our pics in the link just below this message.