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Why different pricing on AI vacations?

I am looking through AI packages to Varadero, Cuba in July/August, and I note that some resorts are being offered by different tour providers–Nolitours and Sunwing to be exact.  However, the price difference between the two is quite large.  I am looking at Breezes Jibacoa by Super Club and Varadero Internactional, and Nolitours are offering them for about $200.00 less than Sunwings per person!!!  Does this mean that Nolitours is not offering the same AI?  What is the catch???  Please enlighten me.

Don’t think there’s a catch. It’s more to do with competition. They want to fill their aircraft to maximize profit margins and sell the rooms they have allocated at the resorts.

Empty seats & empty rooms= loss of $$ for the wholesalers (Nolitours & Sunwing).

Did you look at prices together with tax or without tax?

Yes. Taxes are the same, only the difference is the pricing as I mentioned before. Will it be safe to book with Nolitours, or am I going to have trouble once I get there?

Yes, make sure you check the taxes…for example Westjet shows less thsn $100 taxes, but the base cost is usually more. Some airlines charge close to $500 in taxes depending on where your flying to in the Caribbean.

But there is usually differences in prices from charter to charter for the exact same resort. That is normal, even if the services and features are the same in each package offered!

Of course sometimes there are extra perks, or better rooms etc offered with a certain company’package so you need to look at all the details when comparing prices!

Monctonguy, how would you know if there are more perks? I have never used Nolitours before. I have been with Sunwing a few times. (But Sunwing is about $200.00 more per person). Anyone who has used Nolitours for Breezes Jibacoa by Super Club or Varadero Internacional? Were you treated differently? Help!

Personally I would book Nolitours over Sunwing even if the prices where the same or Noli was a couple dollars higher.

No reason to expect/think you will have problems once there if you book with one over the other…of course anything can happen no matter who you book with.

Click on the package details/inclusions for each one on their respective sites to compare what’s included.

I have, Monctonguy. It seems the description for Sunwing is more detailed (and has more things included) than Nolitours, but I can live with what Nolitours is offering. I note that you have been to Hotel Internacional Varadero, is it a nice place? Debbie’s reviews has it ranking number 1 out of all the Varadero resorts.

Well if your not missing anything major and its $200 cheaper, I wouldnt think twice about taking Nolitours. I am not a great fan of SUnwing based on experiences. I ONLY take Sunwing when the price makes it well worth it,otherwise never.

Hotel Internacional would not be #1 out of all the resorts in Varadero for sure. But for an older resort,it was clean, very friendly, walking distance to town and some of the softest sand and calmest waters I have been in my travells. Wouldn’t hesitate to go back again.

It’s mainly based on supply and demand. If Nolitours still has 50 rooms to sell (or 50 seats on their plane)and Sunwing has 10, well all things being equal,Nolitours prices will be lower.

Re: Perks - various companies wil have perks like Petro Canada points or price guarantees or a $100 voucher for your next trip booked with them etc. It sometimes pays to look around to see if there is anything to sway you to one travel company over another.

Oh…and Breezes Jibacoa by Super Club is not right in Varadero either!!

[quote=@monctonguy]Oh…and Breezes Jibacoa by Super Club is not right in Varadero either!![/quote]What does this mean, please?  

BTW, Sunwing is offering minibars but Nolitours is not.  Could you recall from your travel to Hotel Internacional, if you had a minibar with Nolitours?  

Jibacoa isn’t in Varadero but uses the same airport. Breezes Jibacoa and Varadero International aren’t the same style of resorts.
A little more research is in order. Ask Away…

On the reviews page in Varadero number one is Iberostar Varadero http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/destination/79/varadero_cuba.html

I personally stayed in Hotel Internacional Varadero and that is one of the first hotels build in Varadero. Location is great but it is not even close to the best resort. It is very old but clean resort and regarding food it is not so great. Hotel Internacional Varadero is usually very cheap place to go but I personally would not recommend it. Rooms are very old and outdated unless they renovated since I have been there.

You have to look at their flights as well. Some companies direct some with stops in different cities so you have one stop for example in Holguin. For example they can pick you up in Varadero but you have to fly with other passengers to Holguin on the way back home. Stop in Holguin to let people go and board new group before you go home. For that reason sometimes tickets can be cheaper as well.

[quote=@kimkwak][quote=@monctonguy]Oh…and Breezes Jibacoa by Super Club is not right in Varadero either!![/quote]What does this mean, please?  

BTW, Sunwing is offering minibars but Nolitours is not.  Could you recall from your travel to Hotel Internacional, if you had a minibar with Nolitours?  [/quote]

Do not worry about minibars … everything that is in the “minibar” fridge you can buy in the hotel store for less than 10 CUC. Usually in mini bar there are 2 beers, 2 sprites, 2 cokes and bottle of water.

Funny , I did a search for BJ for July 12th for both SW & Nolitours and they were with a few dollars from each other.
Pls give more info on dates

[quote=@kimkwak][quote=@monctonguy]Oh…and Breezes Jibacoa by Super Club is not right in Varadero either!![/quote]What does this mean, please?  



Breezes Jibacoa resort is about halfway between Varadero and Havana, so it’s not on Varadero beach if that’s where you were planning to be. Bus ride from Varadero airport to Jibacoa is about one hour. The draw at Jibacoa is the direct off beach snorkeling. Not much in the way of night life except for what the resort offers. Proximity to Havana is a bonus.

Jibacoa is quite a ride on the bus once you land, and it’s quite isolated. What time of year are you going? Read some Trip Advisor reviews for your season and see what the jellyfish are like–sometimes the beach will be red-flagged if they’re bad. (full disclosure: I totally want to visit Jibacoa, jellyfish and all)

I would think that Noli and Sunwing are similar enough that you could book either with confidence (maybe not with comfort LOL). I would choose the lower priced of the two, DEPENDING on flight times. I like leaving Toronto in the morning and leaving Varadero in the evening, so I almost get 7 full days.

As for perks, Sunwing doesn’t really give you anything, but sometimes Noli will have a bottle of rum in your room and maybe an extra a la carte. When we flew with Air Canada Vacations, we got a free safe for the week and an hour of internet free.