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Why not much information

I am posting this here because it seems that there is next to no activity on the Samana section. Samana looks just beautiful, the Gran Bahia Samana looks amazing. Is it not nice on this part of the island or why is there no info? Here’s to hoping we can get some conversation going on this area, I know that I would love to know more, especially about the above resort.
Thanks all

bonita70 which of the Gran Bahia are you looking at and need info on? I believe also there is little activity about this part of the DR mainly because there are few resorts there even though it is truly one of the most beautiful parts in the DR by far.

I was looking at the Gran Bahia Principe Samana.

Hola: We were planning on ging to Samana this year, but American Airlines dropped the flight, so there are no flights from the US. Therefore alot less people. Hopefully in the near future there will be flights from the US so we can go.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs

Hey The Maineacs:

What not fly out of Montreal?


Hola Presidente Jay: That is an option, but it is a 5 hour drive and we fly in November or later so we would have to worry about snow.

But it is a good idea. I think we are about the same distance to Fredrickton, NB.

Something to think about.

We leave Tuesday, Nov. 4 for 10 days at Punta Cana Princess.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs

Well Fredericton won’t do you much good! Flights out of this area don’t start until quite late in the season. Usually late Feb - early March! And the places they go to are very limited and I don’t think Samana is one of them.

bonita70, we stayed this past winter at the Bahia Principe San Juan. During our stay, they became overbooked and were constantly approaching us (and others) on the beach offering a free weekend at the Gran Bahia Principe Samana. The idea was to make room for incoming visitors to our resort. Several couples we met took them up on the offer and returned in awe. Despite losing two days of their vacation sitting on a bus going to and from Samana, they were raving about the beauty and quality of the new facility. Now… this whole thing about trying to get us out of our rooms to make room for incoming visitors opnes up a whole new can of worms. Agreed? Why not leave us alone and, instead, offer the inconvenience to the new arrivals?

Glad to hear the good raves about the resort, but yes I totally understand what you are saying, it seems a little backwards.

Mike & Cyndie

Ya that is a good drive, in early winter to boot.

We always debate whether its worth driving to Toronto for the slightly cheaper package, its also about 5 hr from us in Ottawa. Ottawa options are pretty good but its a shorter season for charters for sure. In December we are to fly out of Montreal, its about 2hr drive for us.

Have a great time at the Princess, look forward to reading your review, looks like its a great central location in Bavaro.

bonita70. in today’s Toronto star Conquest Vacations are offering 3 & 5 night stays. None for the DR but you might want to contact them to see if they have anything for you.

The promo is called “Build your own”

The tour operators seem to be cutting back flights to this area as there is probably not enough demand yet. By all accounts it is one of the nicest areas in the DR but still not enough people going yet. They do have some deals to this area. IE Conquest has a find out at the airport which resort you will be going to. I cannot remember the exact price but it was decent and you got to stay at one of the three Gran Bahia resorts.