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Why visit Cabarete?


Can anyone tell me what is good to do/see in Cabarete? we’ll be staying in the Playa Dorado complex and I know it’s only a short drive to Cabarete so is it worth going there for the day??


well i love it there, best place on the North Coast IMHO, dont ask me why, just seems to have a kewl vibe to it,

cant put my finger on it, but i really enjoyed my time spent there, 1 thing to check out is the kite surfers , those guys are amazing


Why not go and see the town? It is really quite different, with all the kite and board surfers, and lots of places along the beach to stop and have a drink or a bite to eat. We stay in Sosua, but go for at least one whole day to Cabarete just to walk the beach, and visit the boutiquish kind of stores they have there.
It is just a little different atmosphere like northernale1 says, and we really enjoy it there also. Get out of the resort and see everything you can, you won’t be sorry. :sunglasses:


Cabarete has the discount liquidation store (can’t remember the name) with cheap t shirts and jewellry, cool restrurants on the beach, neat alley markets, I liked it. The kite sailing is a short walk west on the beach.


The beach in Cabarete is beautiful. Nice beach to walk, lots of little bars and restaurants. Seems to be a younger crowd. Go, enjoy!


It’s a good place to party/chill at night too. The bars on the beach are really nice at night. A day in Sosua is also a great time.


If you are going to leave the resort, Cabarete and Sosua are good first choices. You can easily do them both in the same day. And yes, it’s definitely worth the trip.


Cabarete is a great place to enjoy yourself for the day. Go to the Hexenkessle for some great German food (hunter style schnitzel with pan fries, mmmmm) and watch the kiters and boarders do their stuff…they are loonie if you ask me but fun to watch.
For a different look at the place take a walk to the caves of cabarete and even if you dont enter the park, the walk through the streets is very interesting.


I dont like Cabarete as much as Sosua. MHO. I have been to Cabarete twice. It just doesn’t do if for me like Sosua. But in saying that, the beach is beautiful. It was fun to watch tthe windsurfers.