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WiFi/Internet at Iberostar Costa Dorada


We’ve stayed there 14 times, and I never had the token keep running after I logged out on the computers in their computer room - you have to be sure and stop the running time, just signing off computer is not enough. There is a place to sign out of your internet password login on the hotel computers. BUT if you take your netbook or laptop and do WiFi, the time runs from the first time you sign on - I usually buy 24 hours and have it span from late afternoon one day to late afternoon the next day and that covers 2 days for me. You can also buy a weekly rate (I sometimes so some work while I am away so this works out good for me). Depends on your needs. If you are quickly checking messages, buy a token for their computer station and you should be able to check email 4 or 5 times with a half hour token…it will always tell you the amount of time you have left.