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Will DR prices go up or down?

I’m booked thru Sell Off vacations for 2 weeks in January at the Grand Palladium. Customers can contact Sell Off after having bought their tickets and request, as a one-time only opportunity, the new lower price.
I see that Sell Off has dropped their prices twice since I booked in Sept. Now the saving is $480 for two.
My question is should I take the new price or wait till later in December. Is there a chance prices will go up?

Thanks for your assistance.

Are you sure of that? If that option exists, that would be news to me. From the SOV website:

“Once the booking has been made, it is 100% non-refundable and 100% non-changeable as per the suppliers booking conditions that you are instructed to review before booking.
If the rate does go down we can not refund the difference just as if the price goes up we would not ask you to pay the increased fare.”

This is a promo they offer. It is a one time price adjustment. The only thing that tis does is take away the nice price drops they would do every once in a while. I loved grabbing those.

Pick your moment carefully…:slight_smile:

I just checked sell off vacations and the price for the Ocean Blue for March 29th which is where we are going has increased by 142.00 per person since we booked in October so definitely no price drop.

I assume that was past tense and was a short term promo they offered. I can’t see any indication on their site that such a thing exists. I extracted my 100% non-refundable statement straight from their FAQ. If you have that option and there’s that much difference, I’d jump on it. Both packages I have booked for this year have either gone up in price or sold out.