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Wine at Royal Suites Turquesa

Hola: What is the house red and white wine at the Turquesa??? I hope it is not the same bad stuff that is at many of the resorts. Thanks for your input. Is there an actual selection of wines that you can order without paying???

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs

We were there in April and I honestly don’t remember any label names. What I do clearly remember is that showing the RS wristband at any restaurant or buffet got us upgraded wine and, whatever it was, it was always very good. I’m sure it was even different labels at different places - but it was all good. There was no selection, just upgraded red and white.

(I’ll never forget the swill we were served a couple years ago at the LTI. When it comes out of the tap that looks like a giant keg sitting on the bar and not from a bottle, it will invariably be lousy.)

Enjoy - I wish we were going back soon but the horrible economy…

I’m not sure about the white house wine, but my husband and I tried the red one night and decided we’d rather shell out $22 US for a bottle of Mondavi cab sauvignon. I didn’t think it was any different from any of the other crap wine we’ve had at other resorts, and given that we were in the Royal Gourmet restaurant, I would assume this was the ‘upgraded’ stuff. I don’t think they had other wines available at no extra charge, but we found their wine list pricing to be pretty reasonable - a handful of Californian & Australian (our faves) wines could be had for between $20-30 US.

Ask for Albaly(sp?) that is the better wine for Royal suites guests in the restaurants. They didn’t have it at the RS lobby or pool bar, but they do now thanks to me LOL
It was quite an ordeal that took a couple days but they do have it available now in the RS lobby and at the pool bar. It comes in red and white and its really quite good :smiley:
Thanks to the reception staff and the butlers for working so hard on my request. :wink:
Just make sure you ask for Albaly, the other stuff they had was not good :-X

We asked for the Spanish wine called Borda. We thought it to be the best as did some of the other guests staying at the Palladium.