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Winnie The Pooh

Anyone know if Winnie The Pooh is well known in the DR?

Pauline is purging some of her WTP stuff ( 8 totes ) and was wondering if the kids down there know who winnie the pooh is?

Thanks in advance…

OBH I just texted my DR friends to see if they know. I hope they do or this is going to be a silly conversation (and it is early in the morning)

OBH - even if they do not know who Winnie is, I’m sure they will appreciate and cherish any gift.

We were at a friends home on Christmas Day 2004 when their 5 year olds’ grandmother arrived from Santiago. Her gift was 5 pieces of candy and you would have thought the gift was the best thing she ever got - she was so appreciative.

Just a poll from one family, and they did not have a clue. I agree with dot, I know we have given stuff that wasn’t DR popular (high school musical and Hello Kitty) and it was always much apreciated

Even funnier we gave out back packs (would have thought they were gold) I felt so bad giveing them out they said Senokot vegetable laxative. NO one cared!

hey guys,
our kiddies are watching the mostly(all) american kiddies channels on TV.
sure they know WTP.
and like otheres mentioned,
if something is new for them it will be even more appreciated, because it would be something others don’t have.
happy shopping