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Winter has arrived!

Well…I knew it had to happen sooner or later! We had a storm here today in Nova Sctoia. Heavy wet snow…lots of power outages, many accidents on the roads.
Luckily we were home but we know lots of folks who got stuck in major traffic jams… >:( …power lines across some of the roads…what a mess… ::slight_smile: It took our friend almost 3 hours to drive roughly 20 kms.
Our relatives 2 streets away still have no power (they have their generator going!)
Oh man…I hate winter.

Tanlines, I’m one of those sitting here in the dark. Our power went out about three hours ago. Damn Nova Scotia Power … call the whaaaaambulance. I need a vacation now!

This doesn’t sound good. I’m going to be up in the valley, Kingston / Greenwood for Christmas 20 - 27 Dec. I’ve just about had it here in Ont. and we’ve only back from the D.R. since Sat.

We were lucky and didn’t lose our power but getting to work this AM is going to be entertaining and this is just the beginning…can’t wait till February!

Hey guys, Im down on the South Shore and we didnt get much this time…more wind and rain than anything…there was a bit of snow mixed in but it didn`t stick…I too hate winter!!!

I’m 10 minutes outside the city heading towards the South Shore and we got dumped on. We lost our power for about 3 hours. This morning the trees were all weighed down with the heavy white stuff. I don’t mind the snow, I just don’t like it on the roads and I hate it when we loose power. Now if there was some way to let it snow only in the woods and on lawns that would be something pretty to look at. hmmmm