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Wireless internet

does anyone know if any of the hotels in dom rep have wireless internet either in the lobby or the rooms?
WE noticed this while in El Salvador last year, ppl were able to connect in the rooms although they advertised that it was avail in the lobby only.
Just curious mostly. we usually just text to stay in touch, but we do have an ultra small travel laptop and thought it would be nice to be able to use it for communicating home.


BlueBay in the Playa Dorada has wireless internet service in its lobby. There are also several restaurants/bars int the plaza that have wireless service as well.

Thanks I will look it up , Is it pop? I don’t remember that name near punta cana or samana!

It is in POP.

POP, is the initials for Puerta Plata…on the North Coast

Quite a few hotels in Punta Cana have either wired or wireless internet available in the rooms, but there is a daily charge for it. The ones we have been to that have it are Majestic Colonial, Paradisus Palma Real, and Punta Cana Princess.


thanks for the replies, my preference is Punta Cana, I was interested mostly in the wireless as I have my own mini laptop(could go with wired) in the room however. I just don’t want to have to go to the hotel internet room and use their’s. I like to use skype to check back with family!
I will check out the hotels you named as well debbie! Thanks

where in PC you plan to stay?
we have several free wireless areas at different restaurants/bars aso in the area where you can sit down with your minilaptop, take a cold beer and get connected, like at Las Lenas Cafe at Friusa, or at Steve’s Bar at the Plaza Bavaro, we have several spots in El Cortecito like at the Palma Sands Beach Restaurant/Bar.
have fun

Sirenis Tropical/Cococtal, Punta Cana has wireless in the lobby.

thanks again, I will keep checking out all the places that are being mentioned.

Mike, we don’t have a specific hotel in mind, just 4 star for sure . last year we stayed at caribe club, but we didn’t have the mini comp then so we just texted back and forth.

nsfamily…have you used the wireless at sirenas? just wondered if they charge for it in the lobby?even if they do, would be easier to use my own laptop than their computers.


EdenH has. You pay US$25 for 24 hours. We logon at the hotel room as well as in the lobby.

thanks kittykatkat,

I assume you can log on & off many times for the 24hr plan?? I can’t imagine using it at once lol…
it would sure be nice to be able to talk to the family via skype right from the room vs the lobby where everyone can hear… :o


Sorry, have been so busy at work since I came back from EdenH… Yes, you can log on and off many times. You pay $25 for 24 hours(units). Hope this helps…
Wish I was there now…

Thanks Kitty,

no problem I am busy these days myself…but at least it’s packing for Cuba…I leave in 9 days, but am interested in the wireless internet for January’s trip…

I’m wondering the same about Bavaro Princess, if anyone knows!

Curious about Playa Dorata area

When at the Barcelo Dominicana in September we bought block of Wifi for 50$ for one week monday to monday, we could go online as often as we wanted.

Was great in the morning reading your emails sipping a coffee looking out at the Ocean.

Thanks for the detail on wireless…how was the speed at the Punta Cana Princess?

If Punta Cana Princess has it, no doubt Bavaro Princess must as well. Does anyone know for sure and if it’s available in your room if you bring your own laptop? I would hate to lug it down there if I couldn’t use it. What is the charge at Punta Cana Princess? Thanks everyone for the info.