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Wish list of donations to take to the D.R


I have reviewed the Charities that BTBCF support, and have made a master list of items needed. Perhaps this could be sticky-ed or put into the FAQ section. If I have forgotten anything, let me know and I will modify the list

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Construction Paper
Tracing paper
Children’s scissors
Paper plates
Molding clay
Finger paints
Pipe cleaners
Foam stickers
Foam numbers
School glue
Glue sticks
Painting easel
Water-based paint
Paint brushes
Fat crayons (easy grip for preschoolers)
Fat pencils
Fat colored pencils
Scotch tape
Masking tape
Duct tape
Pencil sharpeners

Classroom Basics

Children’s books in Spanish
Children’s books in Creole
Spanish activity books
Big Teacher’s Books in Spanish
First Aid Supplies
Spanish-English dictionaries
Printer paper
Vegetable and plant seeds
Permanent markers
3-ring binders
Chalk (colored and white)
Chalkboard eraser
Hole punch
Wall Hooks
Clothes Pins
Stapler and staples
Wall clock
Legos and Duplos
Educational games in Spanish
Memory games
Wooden puzzles
Letter magnets
Duct tape
Mosquito Repellant
Water bottles
Children’s rain ponchos
Children’s rubber rain boots
Cooking apron
Tupperware containers


Pencil sharpeners that affix to cement wall
Dry erase boards (medium sized)
Chart paper
Battery operated CD/cassette players
Volleyball net
Basketball hoop
Baseball gloves, balls & bats
Ball Pumps
Marble Set
Nerf footballs (soft material)
Printer ink
Tennis balls
Soccer balls
Soccer Cones
Gardening Tools
Bulletin Boards
Waste paper baskets
Large trash cans for school yards
Soap dispensers for bathrooms
15-gallon inflatable pool
Jump Ropes
Digital Camera
Musical Instruments
Video Camera
Frames for children’s artwork


Table and chairs (for classrooms)
Ceiling fans
Bookshelves for libraries & classrooms
Surge Protector
Medium and large plastic tubs with tops (for storage)
Mats for yoga karate
Large Mirror
TV set
DVD Player
Manual Sewing Machines
Water Cooler
Gas oven/stove (tabletop)
Lawn mower
Water tank
Plumbing pipe
Coffee Table


High protein supplements
Vitamins (especially C, E, & multi-vitamin)
Medical supplies
Hydrocortisone cream
Antibiotic cream

Specific Needs

Car Seats
Other Therapeutic Devices
First grade & below educational items
Religious items
Velcro - long and wide strips


Non perishable canned goods (especially meats)


Chris - thanks for taking the time to put the list together.

The “medium” and “large” items can be purchased in the Dominican Republic by the charity (and they can sometimes get them at a discount) but, the cost for them is another matter. By our standards, they are sometimes not expensive but, to a charity it can seem like a $1,000,000…

If you are going down and want to make a dollar contribution so they can purchase these items, please contact Gregg (FireGuy) and he can make arrangements to have someone meet you to accept the donation. Another alternative is to contact one of the Directors of BTBCF and arrange for one of them to take the money for you.

BTW, one of our Director’s was the successful bidder of a digital camera on our on-line auction. He has entrusted it to me and I will be taking it to Mustard Seed, Immanuel House in POP when I go in February/08. We were able to secure a computer for them earlier so, this will be useful to them.


I had an obnoxious pm about the above post, stating they would gladly take anything they could anytime providing the flights were paid for like the Directors.

I will clarify the Foundations position.

When a BTBCF director taked donations, cash or items to the DR, these are taken at absolutely NO cost to the Foundation. Each director pays for their own flight or vacation out of their own pockets.


OMG - where the heck would someone get the idea a Director gets his trips paid by the Foundation???

ALL the money raised goes to the Children of the Dominican Republic!

As Wud says, we are going down on vacation and take these things/money as our own personal baggage allowance and any excess baggage we cover if we can not get a waiver!

As a matter of fact, we CHARGE each Director for the privilege of being on the Board each year! I can honestly tell everyone that the only thing I get from being with BTBCF is the satisfaction that I am helping another human being reach their full potential!


I read this around 5:00 PM and had to cool down before I responded to this so called member who would send wud a ridiculous PM thinking that our trips were paid by the foundation. I will gladly send a copy of my invoice to show that we do pay our own way.

I will leave it where it is as wud and dot have answered appropriately.



The Foundation board members do what many of us would never do, take their valuable time each and every day to help the children of the DR. How anyone could ever think that they receive free trips is beyond me. Since the PM sender’s name was not mentioned I would assume I am not breaking any of the forum rules by stating that this PMer is an idiot and a moron also. I’d like to see him/her do in one day what these wonderful board members do and I can guarantee you they would have their eyes opened.
To all of the board members I just want to say thank you and keep up the excellent work of helping the children of our beloved DR. Your hard work does not go unnoticed by all of the members in DDTF


What a shame that this topic should be marred by such pettiness ???

To get back to the subject, thanks for the new list Captain. I see there’s lots of craft supplies added - great! I brought down some scrapbooking supplies last time and I’m happy that they will be useful. You tend to overbuy with that hobby :o and not use half of what you’ve squirrelled away, so I’m thinking there should be lots of that heading towards the DR this winter. BTW, I have been bringing down the gluesticks at the $ store, thinking they would be of good use. Unfortunately, I tried one out the other day while scrapbooking, as I had run out of my usual stuff. I was quite disappointed with the quality of these sticks. They glide well but don’t stick for beans. Nearly everything I glued was easily removed a few days later and some even came off by themselves. So, if anyone is bringing down glue sticks, try to get the better quality ones when they’re on sale.
Enjoy your vacations and remember the kids!


People talk out of their hats that have no clue about what “donating” is about. My hat is off to the fantastic work done by the board members. You’re an inspiration to us all and I know for a fact that the Dominican people are gracious for what they receive. I have, in the past years, been fortunate enough to be able to take school supplies directly to a school but also my last trip I took a LARGE suitcase full of prescription eye glasses with the PRESCRIPTION ATTACHED so that they could be given out according to their needs.

My question is with the restrictions regarding overweight luggage now, how do we go about getting a waiver so that we can continue taking needed supplies to the Dominican Republic with us without being dinged with a large “overweight charge”? One time I said I had “sports equipment” because that was allowed in addition to your luggage as I was carrying the stuff in a very large hockey bag. I don’t like to be untruthful as I’m doing a good deed and don’t want to be dishonest at the same time. Any suggestions?


email info@beyondthebeach.ca and ask to have a letter for your tour operator indicating you are taking charitable donations with you. We also need your correct name, flight number, depature date and time.

We will send you an email on BTBCF email stationery with the required information for you to send to your tour operator, we cannot however guarantee they will honour your request.


That’s perfect. One other year I was going and taking the glasses and stuff, a coworker came to me and told me that if I am billed for extra luggage they would pay me back as I was doing a wonderful thing.

I will definitely try the letter and will hope for the best. People, you don’t understand the wonderful feeling you get by GIVING. Those smiles are worth A PLANE LOAD OF THINGS.


Going to the DR for the first time in February.
Would it be easier to buy some of the items after arriving, or are they not available? Just thought it may be easier than trying to cart everything onto the plane.
As I have said, it will be my first trip there and I have no idea of what supplies they have in the stores, or their cost.


First off welcome to Debbie’s.

You will get more bang for your buck if you buy here in Canada, and allot of the needed items might not be available when you are there.

Allot of travellers buy at the Dollar store, the Thrift Shops etc, it does not take long to fill a suitcase. You can contact the airline you are flying with and ask for a humanitarian weight allowance. I got 50KG from Skyservice, ;D and am taking it in less than 2 weeks. ;D
Check out this section for other ideas, and any questions just ask away.
Where are you headed to and when, and from where. It will help us answer your questions.

Thanks for thinking of the “kids” :smiley:


We are leaving on the 21st from Toronto and staying at Sun Village. We are flying Skyservice so I will give them a call and see if they will allow us an extra weight allowance.
I already have some school supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and some toys gathered up.
Once I talk to Skyservice I will have a better idea of how much I will be able to bring.


slapshot, here is a link to Skyservice and the lady who helped me.

Good luck. http://debsdrtravels.proboards47.com/index.cgi?board=Fiesta&action=display&thread=1195594355


question…cleaning out supplies here at work… seems we have an over abundance of paper clips. Can these be used at school ??? If so I will throw them in my bags


Also 4 HP ink cartridges that are not going to get used…they need a home…


Can donations be picked up in Punta Cana or just Puerto Plata? Do you just contact your carrier to receive permission for extra luggage for donations?


Sorry, I just read another thread about how to make donations in Punta Cana. Still not sure how you go about getting permission for extra luggage though.


In previous years Skyservice has been pretty good about it. Just contact their customer service department by e-mail or their 800 number. Sunwing is too, but requires a letter from the organization. I’m sure BTBCF can provide same. Ait Transat has their list of charities, so it’s unlikely they’ll spring for a waiver unless it’s one of the ones on the list …


Just emailed a request for a waiver from AirTransat. But from what I have read here, I’m not hopeful.


[quote author=hlywud board=Fiesta thread=1197659295 post=1200595322]email info@beyondthebeach.ca and ask to have a letter for your tour operator indicating you are taking charitable donations with you. We also need your correct name, flight number, depature date and time.

We will send you an email on BTBCF email stationery with the required information for you to send to your tour operator, we cannot however guarantee they will honour your request.[/quote]

If you are not successful getting a waiver on your own, please see the post Wud posted above on Jan. 17/08…