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Wish list of donations to take to the D.R


What part of the DR are you traveling to?



we will be at the grand paradise playa dorada march 19-25th


redroses27, I will send yo a PM with the name and phone number of Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation contact in Puerto Plata.

Thanks for thinking of the kids. :smiley:


i taLKED TO DARLENE AND I PRINTED HER NUMBER. she said that something the kids really need are dental floss, toothbrushes, and since both my daughters are dental assistants iwill try to see if they will donate some


a big thank you to aspen dental in springfield, massachusetts for donating toothbrushes and dental floss for me to bring to the children in the dominican. i think i am at my limit for weight , but i am happy we can help.


Hey there! Wondering if any of the groups we work with need clothes, I can get a pretty large donation of new adorabel Disney T’s…took a few doezen down recently to Mexico and the kids loved them…any thoughts??? :smiley:


Clothing can be used at Mustard Seed - tee’s are good - easy for the children and workers to get on.

Depending on how many and, the sizes, I can check if there are other areas in POP that can use them as well.


When we went to Punta Cana last March I took down a lot of Easter pencils and erasers. I also took lots of Easter goodies and little Easter toys as well… Big hit.

I took other stuff but the Easter stuff was really popular. We were there for Holy week and had a lot of Dominican children visiting the resort so it was great to give them goodies directly.

Just something a little different that the kids loved.



We are filling a small carry on bag with crayons, toys, pencils etc…

can i get the name/number for someone to contact?
We are leaving on Tues (mar 24’09).


oh… and we’ll be in punta cana at the majestic if that helps.



We are filling a small carry on bag with crayons, toys, pencils etc…

can i get the name/number for someone to contact?
We are leaving on Tues (mar 24’09).


oh… and we’ll be in punta cana at the majestic if that helps. [/quote]

contact either Mike Fisher or PCMike … you can send them a PM directly here, and either one will reply to you


I just wanted to make sure that the wish list on the first page is still accuarate. I am going Punta Cana in January and have one suitcase dedicated to this cause. I want to make sure it is filled with the right things.


roob, these were taken off the websites of the charities BTB supports. What ever you take it will be usefull, and thanks for thinking of “the kids.”


I have been asking at both my office and my husbands, for donations and the response has been tremendous! It looks like it may be 2 suitcases yet! It is going to be a little bit of everything, but I figure every bit counts.

Is it ok to bring gently used children’s clothing or should it all be new? Some people have stuff that has barely been worn before their kids have outgrown it. Please let me know so I can let them know if it is appropriate or not.



Gently used is fine, in fact this spring a director was given a full set of soccer uniforms. His wife washed and mended where needed and were gratefully excepted.

Thanks for thinking of the “kids”

Remember we have people to pick up donations at your resort and distribute where they are needed the most. Let me know if you want their cell numbers.


Thanks for the info Captain.

I have booked a tour with Excursions Corner, and have made arrangements through Mike to leave my stuff with them. hope they have a compressor, because it sounds like I am getting a couple of soccer balls.


Just a quick note of thanks for the list, I’m fairly up on what I’m taking but when a friend asked recently I was able to email her a link to this thread and she was happy to buy a bag of goodies for me to take.

Thanks also for the letter, I have been able to get 10kg extra this time with Thomson, sounds good until I remember that Thomas Cook gave me 20kg last year, think I will try to book with Thomas Cook in future!!

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Dot, do you plan to visit the Mustard Seed while you are out this time? Maybe we could combine trips?


Amanda, we could not make it down this year, but I know that Olive is seeing Mustard Seed, Dream and Sosua Kids. I would suggest you email her as she has her laptop with her.

Glad the list helped.

See you in 2012’

C&N :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I have an updated need of items from [strong]Mustard Seed in Puerto Plata [/strong]- if you are travelling that way, they could really use:

Bath soap
Hand Sanitizer
Shampoo and hair conditioner
Disposable gloves
Disposable diapers size 3,4,5, 6 and medium size adult diapers
Baby wipes
Baby oil
Baby Powder
Body lotion

If you will be in the Puerto Plata area Jan. 31, we are having a Meet & Greet at which Mustard Seed will be present.  If you aren’t able to attend, I will be in the area Jan. 11 to March 19 and would be available to help you.

Olive Thompson, President
Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation