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Wish lists for kids gifts


We are going to POP on November 16, 1st timers and through reading the boards we would like to bring things for the children. I keep seeing mention of a wish list but cannot find it anywhere? What are the things the children need?


Hi Albertagirl- I think if you go into Beyond the Beach you will be able to find a wish list that has been organized by DDT members. There is also one for Mustard Seed House (name?). Lyndsey will be able to help you with any questions as well as Scoobster amongst others.
Have a great time, I am sure you will love it there!


If in doubt any non-language school supplies. Pens,pencils,paper,books,scissors,rulers that kind of thing. I have also taken solar powered calculators.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

PS where are you staying as I’m arriving late on the 16th as well


I agree with Mommycat, Beyond the Beach and the DDT members work so hard for the children, and they would help you in a second! They know what the children need and how to go about it.
Cin :slight_smile:


Or what we did was bring the kids things to the schools…they are always in need of pencils crayons etc etc…we did the outback safari tour and dropped them off since one of the stops was at a school…the schools lack$$ to buy those things for the kids…

Or definatley go to the Beyond the Beach website and go from there…

I know they do not like kids getting candy because they do not have dentists and you do not want to rot their teeth.


There are plenty of dentists, they simply want their children to eat healthy, a tad bit the opposite from N. America!


Marshane it has nothing to do with not having dentists in the DR. Be realistic, would you want strange people coming up to your children and giving them candy, however great their intentions may be. As a parent, when my children were smaller I rationed the amount of candy and/or junk food they ate so they wouldn’t grow up to be sumo wrestlers. I most certainly would not appreciate it if I sent my child to school and later found out tourists were undoing my hard work by giving them candy. I would imagine that mothers in the DR feel the same way about protecting their kids.


The truth about children and candy and dentists in the DR is that if the kids are in a public school, the family is too poor to afford dental care. I was in charge of organizing a dental mission trip for a dental school in the US this year. Over 500 people were treated in 4 days - and we had to send some away because there was no more time`to take care of anyone else. The chairman of the Department of Restorative Dentistry did triage. He kept shaking his head over 5 and 6 year olds who had cavities in literally every tooth in their mouths.


Hey I am not “assuming” that is why they do not want candy. I was told that by a guy from the DR…we met him and his family and they said they did not want any of their kids eating candy because they could not afford dentist.

So I asked the guide on our tour and they confirmed to us that we should not give them candy because they do not have the $$$$ to go to dentists.

So I am not assuming anything I am going by what I was told first hand Simple as that!!!


Then I guess a good gift to bring down would be toothbrushes and toothpaste. I have been collecting baby clothes and small toys from garage sales this summer for my next trip to POP for the Mustard Seed organisation. They need lots of things - childrens Tylenol, Tempra etc.


Thanks for all the replies…We didn’t want to take the wrong things.
Amandalou we are at the Marien Coral


albertagirl - we’d be glad to help with getting your donations to the kids, so be sure to shoot one of us an email if there’s anything we can do/answer for you. We have several groups who would appreciate your assistance; we can arrange pick-up at your resort or direct you to one of our drop-off locations. www.beyondthebeach.org

Also, Outback Safari has a very good donation distribution system in place, and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my donations to them. In fact, I have :slight_smile: If you plan on taking their tour, this would be the easiest route for you.

Another poster here - Snowbird - works with a group called Fundacion Patria, and he could also provide you with a few suggestions.

Lots of ways to help!

Oh, and along with Chantal and Marshane, we don’t recommend candy due to the inaccessiblity of dental care for many Dominicans.

Have a great trip :slight_smile: