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Witnesses for wedding in Cuba



Can anyone tell me about witnesses for a wedding in Cuba?

We are going in Sept 07 & only family going with us, Can anyone tell me what happens regards witnesses…

I have read somewhere that family/blood relatives can not be a witness for a marriage in Cuba and you have to have non-blood related witnesses.

Is this true? Can our family be our witnesses or do they have to be non-blood related?

Thanks for the help



Hi Hayley!

That is true - you cannot have a blood relative be your witness therefore a brother; sister mother or father cannot do it.

You can have family, for instance we had my aunt and my brother-in-law!!

Hope this helps!!




Often the resort will offer to have witness for you as a part of the package, if you can not provide your own. You need to ask the Wedding Coordinator at the resort.

Good Luck!


Hi Hayley!!!

We had the wedding co-ordinators from the resort as our witness, as we did not travel with family or friends.



Thanks for clarifying the witness query.

I could ask my sister-in-law as she not blood related. Other than that will have to ask the wedding co-ordinator to arrange them as everyone else is blood related (his parents & his sister, my brother & 2 yr old niece!).

I’ll email Yaly to let her know.

Thanks again