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Witnesses for weddings-need to send info prior?


Hi, does anyone know if we need to send the passport photocopies for our witnesses when we send the info to WEDO or the DRSI companies 30-60 days prior to the wedding? I didn’t know if they needed to be translated along with the bride and groom’s info (birth certificate and passport copy). Or do we just show the wedding coordinator on site the witnesses info? Thanks!


no, those don’t need to be translated - you just need to send a copy of their passports to your resort 1 month prior - sometimes they’ll just take it when yo uarrive though…my resort (bahia pc) said that they will just get it when we arrive - we just have to acknowledge that the witnesses cannot be relatives…


They wedding coordinator made copies of our witness’s passports when we met with her to discuss the wedding plans the night we arrived.


I am needing some guidance please. Can my cousin, sign the papers as a witness for my husband? Technically they are not family. Will that work? We have 33 going-all family of some kind… I think we may have to grab someone off the beach. Oh, can my husband to be’s witness be a girl?


he can be. only if he was relative in first dregree with your last name.


Great- thanks. How would they check anyways?
This solves a big problem as I just found out our fligt is sold out and knowone else can book to come with us.