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World cup



im staying at the casa marina reef during the world cup, ive heard we will be able to watch this at eddys bar.

is this correct?
how far is it from the hotel?

will the cable tv available in the hotel rooms show it, or somewhere in the hotel?

any info greatly recieved

cheers :slight_smile:


I’m not exactly how far Eddy’s is from Casa Marina, but I don’t think that it is that far. You might be able to catch it on tv. When we were there my husband found an auto race that he wanted to see,so they might have a sports channel on cable


hope so, its the first thing my partner asked when he realised we were travelling when the world cup was on


eddy sports bar is only 5 minutes walk from casa marina.

just turn left outside the casa marina and take the third right,and its up on the left hand side.

its a great place to watch the footie,and usually gets a good crowd in.

dont forget the time difference though.

enjoy glenn.


cheers for that,

i know one kicks off at lunch time which means it will 8 in the moring in dom rep do you think it will still be on?



englands first game kicks off 2pm,so that will be 9am dr time.

so if eddys bar is not open then, he will show delayed coverage at a later time.

if you have a wander round there,he has a fixture list of all the games and times on a board outside.

it should be busy round there because he has 6/7 screens that will be showing other countries games.