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Would you like to visit other resorts while on vacation?

You just landed to your favorite destination airport and now bus is taking you to your resort. On your way you see some travelers exiting bus and going to different resorts (do you wander how good is that resort?). Or you are on the beach enjoying sun and fun but you see resort next to yours having big party.

Would you like to be able to visit other resorts for free and see amenities, grounds, pools, rooms etc?

  • Yes
  • No

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Only if it was a resort that I was sincerely interested in visiting in the future. I wouldn’t do it out of casual interest or to see where the big rollers were staying. lol

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Being honest and all…on the way back to the airport I have been known to pop into hotels for a potty break and of course to get a drink at the bar. The service and over all atmosphere at the bar and in the lobby sure can tell allot about the hotel and who has a decent selection of liquor.


A little Recce for your next trip, eh, L?

Ya just never know, head for Toronto tomorrow and will be in Cuba on Monday :heart_eyes:

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I like to go into resorts and look around so I know what they are like .
Sometimes chased off by security , most times allowed to peek around .

Johnny C

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Are you back @sweetmystery ? Where did you go? How was it! Any photos to share with us? :sunrise: :blush:

I am and just loved it. Stayed at Iberostar Playa Pilar from Sept 19 to 26th. Beautiful hotel, excellent service and Staff that went out of their way to really look after you. Sure I could nit pick, but won’t. Only caution would be very careful going down steps into the ocean. I did slip and yes was hurt but nothing to ruin my vacation and I can tell ya all that I was so impressed with the GM when she got back from her holiday and found out she personally made me go to the Doctor. Its like the hotel has the best Staff from all over and it was nice to see familar faces. I will work on my review on the weekend and post on TA. Any questions, will do my best to answer


Thank you! Photos look beautiful and I hope you are ok now regarding slip.

Sure. We did one time about twelve years ago. We were staying at Royal Decameron in Panama. A new resort had opened - Barceló (now Playa Blanca Resort). We almost booked the Barceló, but it had just opened December, we were going January and didn’t want to experience any hiccups they may have being newly opened. We had our tour rep at the RD call Barceló to arrange a tour of their facility. Granted. We grabbed a taxi to check it out. We were greeted there by a representative who took us on a tour of the resort. Even took us in a room. It was a very thorough tour and greatly appreciated.

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