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Wow just got back what a trip


we just returned today what a trip this morning at 530

:sunglasses: ::slight_smile:
we had a blast met allot of new friends and the people are great
the air company stunk and we will never use then for air travel but the resort was great
the weather was sooooooooo good nice and hot all the time no rain just great



:slight_smile: Welcome back! And tell us more, tell us more! ;D :-*


The flight stunk !! we were in the PLANE for 10 1/2 hours had to make a emergancy stop for fuel in Costrica they only gave us maybe 12 oz of fluid in that time no snacks 1 meal my hubby is a diabetic thank goodnes I pack snacks or he could have been in trouble. Flight attendent very nasty we got to our hotel at 230 am and the hotel did open the bar for us but every one was so hungry and no food. All I can say is that there were a lot
of very angry Canadians there

We stayed at the grand Playa it was so good food was great, rum yum very good staff great, rooms very nice.1 bartender at pool cryed when we were leaving she was great her name is Jonhanas very good service from her oh and did i say the rum was good lol

We did some day trips fun time there as well taxie drivers good as well

all i can say is that it was well worth the money and we would go tommrow if we could such a great place we would just chose another filght company

Oh we went to Free Zone it was great shopping

I will try to get some pictures on soon



What flight were you on?


we flew on sunwing on the way back they could not have been better no fuel stops anyway l

wehad a blast at the resaort



We’re headed to the Gamboa on March 5th - were you on Sunwing on the way there?

Glad to hear you had a fantastic time!