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Wpggrant or other recent Ambar guests

Hi I am hoping that you can help. We have travelled to the Bahia and stayed in the Diamond section numerous times but this year we wanted to try something a little different --creatures of habit as you can see.

What are the restaurants available in the Ambar section.

I noticed pictures of the Spanish restaurant, is that part of the Ambar section?

Thanks for any help.


Right at the Ambar itself there are 3 a la cartes - Gourmet, Italian and Meditarian. The Spanish and a new Italian is located in a new section just behind the Ambar.
Staying at the Ambar you also have access to most of the a la cartes through out the property - and unlimited bookings - but you do need to book. Just be flexible with where you will eat and when and you should be fine making the bookings. Saw some people go up to book with lists saying they wanted such and such a restaurant at such and such a time on such and such evening. And they would get quite upset when it was not available for that restaurant at that time on that night. As you know there are also so many to choose from thru out the complex that what really is the big difference if you have to swicth to a different one on a different night.

Unfortunately, it appears that Webshots won’t let just anyone see the full size version of the map/pics. Otherwise you would be able to see and read where everything was now.

We were actually booked Diamond again too but assigned to a Club Golden Room. We did not stay in the Ambar section but did wander through there. There are at least 12 specialty restaurants on the list now, with some duplications in themes(e.g. 2 Italian estaurants) but different menus.

Ambar does allow you to pre-book your A-La-Carte choices about a week before via email. The email address is ventas2bppuj@bahia-principe.com

wpggrant–great pictures! Thanks. Can you tell me what the black wall is all about? Is there construction on the other side? Last year we were at the EdenNH and had a great view of the “black wall”. Don"t get me wrong, we had a great time. Thanks!

I couldn’t hear or see if there was any activity on the other sie of the “black wall.” But I presume that the view would be worse if the wall was not there. On the other side of the wall is the undeveloped area between the Ambar and Premiere sections. With close to 80 buildings, the BP is a town in itself. The light coloured 70’s series buildings are adjacent to the “wall.”

There was a similar wall up during construction of the Ambar section, but you could actually see the buildings going up on the other side of it.