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Wrong Place, Wrong Time?


In Muñoz, a small village near Playa Dorada, a Canadian tourist (whose name was given in the article) was robbed of money, jewellery, cell phone and ‘other possessions’.
No arrest were made.

Unfortunately, the time of the crime was not mentioned as people are discussing the newly imposed curfew on alcoholic beverages.



Mountainfrog, I enjoy your posts and respect that you live in DR so your knowledge far out-weighs mine, but a quick look through any local news papers for any area of Britain will find small articles about burglaries and robberies. Admittedly, in the UK the use of guns is minimal still, although being mugged at knofe point is not rare in some areas. I’m sure the same goes for most of the other countries that tourists come from, such as the US and Canada?

Are you really more likely to get mugged in Dom Rep than at home?

Or is it that the simple, sensible precautions people take back home are discarded on vacation?

Or that obviously being a tourist makes you more attractive as a target as you are more likely to have money?

I ran the story and following messages through ‘Google’ translator, Am I getting the wrong end of the stick or is the discussion that some people would like to see tourists go elsewhere because they are ‘patronising’, and therefore isn’t bothered about the police not ‘protecting’ tourists? (Not speaking Spanish it is difficult to follow!) If so, is that a wide spread view point in your experience?


I do not know as this would largely depend where you come from.
I have been away from my home country for more than ten years, so any comparison would be purely hypothecical.
I for one simply report what I see, read and hear and hope that this will be unbiased enough for readers to draw their own conclusions.

Unfortunately news always tend to be bad news as nobody seems to be interested in a report that says the week went without any incident…

Yes, this seems to be the case quite often.
Sometimes people would take their travel documents to the beach or pay small things (like a concho fare) with a 2,000 RD$ note.

The holiday psyche obviously relaxes the sense for dangers and little is known about do’s and dont’s in an unfamiliar environment, whereas at home
your senses will alert you for anything out of the usual.

Especially true in touristy places, yes.

In my view this is not the case.
Most Dominicans welcome tourism and try to benefit from it (jobs, services, sale of land, etc.).
The police render their mainly useless services to Dominicans and tourists alike… ::slight_smile: