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Yal-Ku Lagoon

I’ll be staying at the Grand Sirenas from Dec 9 to 16. I know you can get to Yal-Ku Lagoon through Akumal, but is there another enterance or road closer that would take me directly there? By the way how far is the Grand Sirenas from Akumal, as we will be going to the library with supplies?

The plan is to build the Sirenas property right up to and including the yal ku. Their property extends to the northern side of the lagoon. Whether there is a road at this point in time ,I do not know. There was nothing in 2007. Walked as far as we could. Akumal is a 5 minute ride south or about 10 KM if I recall. Look on Google Earth. You will see what has been done up to 2007/08.

Hi babs,

If you’re going to Hekab Be with supplies, then why don’t you just access Yal Ku via Akumal, since you’ll have to take the Akumal entrance road in anyways to reach Hekab Be?

As Rene says, Grand Sirenis is about 10 kms North of Akumal.

Happy travels :slight_smile: