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Yet another change

Just got an email this morning…our flight details and times have been changed yet again…this is the third time in two weeks…grrrrrrrrr

Oh well, guess I will have to call Skyservice YET AGAIN, to get our seat reservations and baggage waivers changed again…

Hope they soon figure out what the heck is going on… I just know somewhere along the line these reservations and waivers are going to get screwed up…

The joys of vacations season ;D

and there are people out tha who say here on the island we are not straight on the line or punctual or such, ha ha.
you will arrive safe for sure and i will save some sun for ya, he he.
good luck, maybe the next they change your dep flight earlier and the one back home to a later time so you can name it a ‘deal’.
good luck