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Yet Another Great Fiesta


Once again, the attendees had a great time raising funds for the kids. A great time was had by all. Thanks again to our gracious hosts.


Yes indeed it was. Special thanks to Barriebrian and Carole for hosting the event this year, allot of time and work goes into making it a success.

Also thank you to Heather for manning the registering table an all the financial business that goes on there. We will release the amont raised later this week.

Thanks to Wud for getting the wonderful corn on the cob.

Thanks to Rod for running the 50/50 draw…($95.00 each for the winner and the “kids”)

Thanks to Greg for donating the Barcelo rum and running the raffle ($162.00 extra for the “kids”)

Thanks to Bryan for manning the silent auction table all day long… we did let him have dinner. He also donated all the utensils, cutlery glasses and plates.

Thanks to Brooklin for donating all the snacks and desserts, and buying more 50/50 tickets than anyone has ever bought… no he did not win.

Thanks to Sunseeker for having Zumba dances.

Thanks to BFC for all the Dominican flags sold a bunch at $2.00 each…again more money for the “kids”

Thanks to usual band of travelling gypsies who follow the fiesta year to year.
If I missed anyone I’m sorry, tired and older.

Two other pieces of BTB info, believe or not Barriebrian and Carole have offered to host the fiesta again next year committing to a bigger and better fiesta… thank you both so much. The non attending directors will have to give us their thoughts on this wonderful offer.

Lastly I was thinking of reconsidering my resignation, but in the meeting Wud put in a motion to not except my resignation and ask that I remain for at least another year as V.P. and Director. It was seconded and unanimous, so I guess Like Chucky says…" I’m back " But officially I did not leave.

So all of you who were considering attending this year and did not, now is the chance to be there next year. A nice central location… unless you live in Ottawa or Blenheim…lol
BTW, the Saturday night tail gating was great as usual.

Again thank you to all who attended, donated, and helped in any way.



Awesome news. I did get a text from Bryan regarding the Presidente lamps, who is the new owner?

All the best


So glad to hear that all went well & everyone had a great time ! Missed you all !!


It was a great day! Even better once we asked Chris to stay on and then the fact that Brian was brave enough to ask us back next year.

Jay, I believe that Greggy is the proud owner of the light.


Yes was another great Fiesta!! Was fun to see the old gang and make new friends.

Ok I will say it myself… lol I did not do much : (

Hopefully I will make up for it when I feel better next time around. :wink:

Chris congrats for staying on board ;D


Everyone had a great time

Special thanks to our hosts Barriebrian.

Ready to do it again next year


Treasurer has reported that we raised approximately $2200


Wonderful! all for “the kids” !


I have raised $75 already for next years Fiesta



You and your entire family were very gracious hosts and I do send you my sincere thank you’s for that. To offer your home again in 2013 is outstanding and once again, so gracious of you all.

We certainly look forward to another successful event next year !!



Alright, its time someone shows some photos as proof that party happened!



jay…I’ve been thinking the same thing!


What happens in Barrie, stays in Barrie LOL…you 2 should have been here!


Maybe next year!


All I’ll devolve is that I was banished to the garage for the day. :slight_smile:


After your escapade last year, no wonder !! lol


I had a camera in my wife purse never thought to take it out, but Brooklins friend DR rikardo took plenty of pics, we were very busy with registrations etc.