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You decide

Really like the sunrise palms or something similar. I really never liked the afro flower girl (IMHO I saw it as racially insensitive)

I kind of like it too but I also like a real picture

Howzabout Sunrise Palms, but with the palm larger than the word Debbie? (no offense, Deb!)

Gee - I thought I could vote for ‘Extremely Volatile’. Can I?

I am Sir. I promise. I am treading lightly, but I’m also shaking in my boots. I think I just caused an earthquake in my area. A lot of snow banks came down. I promise to behave, can you take the snow away for me?  I promised to behave; I promise to do what I’m told.  But I still like your avatar, but I also like the Debbie’s newer logo.  I really didn’t like the ‘Afro’ one (especially if it gets me out of purgatory).