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Your favourite destination in Cuba?

I have been in Cuba many times and my favourite destination used to be Varadero but lately I just love Cayo Largo. The reason is that I feel even more disconnected in Cayo Largo from the rest of the world and I feel more relaxed and I have feeling I am really in the paradise. What is your favourite destination in Cuba?

I like Mare Del Portillo - very similar to B.C.

[a href=“http://www.baracoa.org”]Baracoa[/a]

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We like the Holguin area. Loved the Cayos, bu we also like to tour around and the extra driving is a drag. but wonderful beaches!!! Holguin has a nice mix for us plus there are more selections of duration of trips there. 7 ,9,10,11,14 days

Havana, or a little town anywhere that almost never sees a tourist.


[quote=@busman7][a href=“http://www.baracoa.org”]Baracoa[/a]

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Baracoa is one of my favorite places as well. Maguana beach is very nice beach and Baracoa is nice little town without too many tourists.

I’m with Canuks on this one… Holguin is my favorite. Its where I first fell in love with Cuba… been to Varadero, and didn’t care for it. 7 days and counting!

I agree Holguin is just about perfect for us but I still want to see other areas I’ve not been to yet.
Varadero was my least fav. Like the cayos alot. Enjoyed Trinidad area for the culture & town. Cuba has everything we need for a perfect vacation. I really don’t worry anymore about going to other countries. Have no desire to go back to DR. May try Mexico again?

Not much into AI resorts anymore. Prefer to spend a little time in Havana. However, I’m checking out Cayo Coco this spring as we’ve never been there.

Can’t say I have a favourite area but I love Holguin, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Guillermo. Least favourite by far is Varadero but its proximity to Havana is a definite bonus!!

We love Cayo Largo! Before that was Cayo Guillermo. I also find that Cayo Largo is one of the only places that gives me what I want out of a vacation spot…tranquility! Not to mention that beach!! We love that the airport is only 10 mins away. I hate being on a bus for a long period when on vacation. I just want to get to my beach and grab a cigar and a mojito! Plus, When it comes time to go home, you have to leave that much earlier when you’re further from the airport.

I know what you mean GefM. But the last few years we have been to Santiago. It’s normally about 90 minutes from Airport to Los Galeones; and I swore about a year ago that I would’nt go back there. Then as an inducement to my husband, I agreed to go back. (Long story). Anyway we went back and I so much enjoyed it, it has become my favourite place. I don’t think we would become one of repeaters who spends most of the winter there, but I learned to enjoy being spoiled.

More or less I see most of us changed where we liked to go vacation in Cuba and where we like now. I think that is good as we can see different places and enjoy different people. Truly Varadero was my destination number one because of beautiful beach and kinda close to Havana for some day trips. Now if I want to go to see Havana I go there and spend 7 days but if I want nice all inclusive vacation with nice beach I go to Cayo Largo for example. Last year I spent a week in Santiago de Cuba and I really liked it. City was clean and spotless as many presidents from South America came to visit their friendly Cuban friends and to attend 60 years since revolution started in Cuba. Baracoa for me is the place that doesn’t have so many tourists as its pretty much isolated from the rest of the Cuba. I look at it as what used to be Cuba inside today’s Cuba. What you can buy in Havana today you can not buy in Baracoa.

For me it depends on who I am going with or looking to do. I enjoy Varadero for solo trips, or when bringing first timers with me. So much to do and see, easy access to the town etc.

For a quiet more romantic getaway, I like the Cayo Coco area.

Holguin area is nice as well, but only been there once so far and enjoyed it alot.